Data: New Mission Reward Tank Population Updated (EU)

This is how many folks have completed the respective campaigns in the last 45 days or so. Keep in mind this data only reflects those players who have played at least one battle in the tank.

Folks are still very slowly progressing to earn these tanks…

This data is taken from Wotcharts.Eu as of 1/14/2019.

5 thoughts on “Data: New Mission Reward Tank Population Updated (EU)

  1. It probably depends on the number of battles one plays and if they focus on the campaign or not. Without focusing and with a low number of battles, I am around mid-way on the Excalibur campaign. Also skill is quite important, looking at the average WN8 of the players that got the tank.

  2. LOL only 470 people on Chimera atm ( I got mine at 12 of November) but I guess this number wil increase a LOT after 1.14 patch.
    And I am so excited I will finish some missions with secondaries so I can finally skip some retarded 279 missions later, 🙂

  3. lul, and then they buff the 279. Apparently increasing their wn8 is not enough, it should skyrocket.

      1. LOL!!!! It has a 65.79% win rate and a significantly better WN8 than the owner’s WN8, THAT makes it “not very good at all”?

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