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        1. it’s not just visual effects, the tank from the first GIF (which should be the same for all GIFs) is something we don’t have in the game yet, that is a T-62M, to put it simply it’s a T-62 with some sort of add-on composite armor (like in the front of the turret), if it were to be a rework/remodel of the T-62A it would be OP as hell and so I don’t know what is the idea
          since it was showcased at WG Fest it can’t be “just because” (like being an extra asset from their “WoT2.0″/Excalibur development used to showcase a new feature), you know the Russian players will quickly caught up to it and start asking them if more modern tanks will be added to the game

    1. not rly, adding some trivial visual stuff when your core gameplay(gold spam) and matchmaker (+2/-2 having priority over +1/-1) are totaly fucked isnt helping the health or the bleeding playerbase one bit

  1. So many issues with the game and they think turning machine guns and dents are needed??? Not going to see that anyway most of the time…..

    1. We are all tired of people ONLY COMPLAINING.
      IT is REALY so hard to understand that people who work on graphics HAVE NOTHING TO DO with your problems.

      UNINSTALL and move on.

      1. Its the age of complaining man. Its what this new generation does.
        I for one am hyped for this. It adds to the game.
        If you don’t like it, Im sure there will be a graphics option to turn it off. SO what are you even complaining about? [yeah they are working on the big issues to. ermagerd]

          1. No, they’re not complaining. They’re just pointing out what a bunch of useless snowflakes this current generation is…

            1. Did you people remember when WG showed their Havok magic and said this will be in the game soon. Then it took them 3-4 years to introduce havok physics into small stuff which can be turned off because it doesn’t do anything in gameplay and is just cosmetics. Guess what this showcase is.

      2. You’re still missing the point entirely because no one is asking for graphics improvements. People don’t care about graphics in a game where most of the playerbase is playing on potato computers. WoT for the longest time has had gameplay issues which WG seems to be far too incompetent to fix properly.

        Gameplay will always trump graphics so its generally a waste of resources and manpower to do visual shit like this when the game currently looks like a polished turd in that it looks good but the gameplay is fairly problematic.

        1. I’m asking for graphical improvements… Dead tracks look ackward and adding 3d customized models would be awesome for the player experience. We still want the core to work but many of us like the graphics improvements when they come

    2. You understand that if their store is moving towards cosmetics and abandon selling stats its good for your competitive gameplay? Already they announced they rebalance premium ammo and how you expect them to make profit? Please use your brain before typing and evaluate the whole picture…

      1. Cosmetics in a game that has free skins galore via mods already is going to be profitable?

        Gonna be a fun day when they ban skin mods to sell them…lol

        1. Dude Skin mods are client only, that means only you can see them not other players

          1. And why would I care what others can see if it costs me money? And the amount of players that turn off non historical visuals is pretty large.

              1. I’m never going to be all that impressed about people putting lipstick on a pig and that’s exactly what most unnecessary visuals are..

  2. I hope you guys don’t miss an interesting aspect of the first picture, I might be wrong but it is an upgraded T62, with additional armor on the turret, plus a gun that looks a lot like that could fire apfsds rounds? My gess is that this is the first time we see the upcoming modern tanks for wot. I’m really interested what’s behind all this.

    1. judging from the gifs it looks like the 115mm U-5TS that was standard on the T62, they will probably rework the tank since its the least popular russian tier 10 med, and some would say its straight up worse than the obj 140 after the buffs (and i kinda agree), so giving it an unique gun with maybe 400 alpha would make it a bit more unique compared to its brothers

      1. They wanted to exchange the T62A to just T62 or something. It was a rumor maby 1year ago.

      2. rework would be OK but that is not a simple rework, that is a T-62M, those add-on armor bits are a sort of composite armor, if it were to be added like that it would be OP as hell no matter how much they play around with the rest of the stats

  3. WG went into visual customization frenzy, selling skins and visual trinkets, this might be one of these, adding nothing to functionality of the tank.

      1. Unfortunately there is far more money in selling OP premiums. One only has to look at how they sell the 252/defender.

  4. no one else noticed anything odd about the first GIF?
    that’s a T-62M, that add-on armor kit is a type of composite armor, I hope it won’t be neither a Tier 10 reward or a remodel for the T-62A, are they perhaps hinting a Tier expansion?
    not long ago (I believe in the 1st quarter of 2018) they did mention, in a Q&A, that the MBT-70 could be added in the future, that T-62M and the MBT-70 could be somewhat comparable

  5. They should fix at least dome of the problems before even thinking of adding this unnecessary graphic bull$#!t.

    1. EDIT : i dont think its possible this tank in wot because he have Composite armor, laser telemeter and a 100mm who shoot APFSDS/ATGM/HeatFS

        1. The turret shape is a bit off, the gun is wrong. We don’t quite see the suspension on the pictures. I also can’t quite see the rubber sideskirts, but the tank on the first gif and on the photo with a tank driving in the water may very well be T-62M-1.

        2. it is a T-62M, the turret roof is what gives it away as well as the smoke extractor in the gun, I actually used War Thunder for reference since I looked for photos of the T-55 and T-62 turret roof/top and could not find one with the right angle, in War Thunder they have a much larger variety of T-55’s and T-62’s and so it was easy to find that only the T-62M had the same turret “shape”
          what gives it away are 3 things, the red light in the back (I knew it’s designation but I can’t remember it right now, was it marker or convoy light?), the position of the hatch to eject the empy shell casing and that sort of inverted V shape see between both hatches, additionally the T-55 has this weird armor plate on the roof of the turret that includes both hatches, it also has a sort of “pike shape/bend” in the middle

          1. “what gives it away are 3 things, the red light in the back (I knew it’s designation but I can’t remember it right now, was it marker or convoy light?)”
            I believe what you’re referring to is a Blackout Light.

            1. possibly, but I believe on every «The_Chieftain’s Hatch» video he calls blackout lights to those in the front beside the headlights, and I know tanks have “convoy lights” in the back (don’t know if it’s the proper designation BUT I do know it’s used to make it easier to follow the convoy at night without using the headlights that will let the enemy know where you are)

  6. T-62 for certain, as Armando noted there is an ejection port in the rear for the spent shell casings from the AUTO RELOADING GUN.

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