29 thoughts on “Last 2 advent calendar offers

  1. Well that was a disappointing advent calendar.
    I can’t believe they price the Progetto so much higher than the Caernarvon. Usually mediums and low-caliber prems are the cheapest but this one was almost as expensive as a Lowe…

    I was gonna say ‘at least no OP tanks sold’ but they are all in loot boxes, so can’t even say that…

  2. I heard 24th would be Emil 1951, I hope your source is wrong, because that AX again would be a dissapointment.

      1. 230 alpha with 1900 base dpm, average speed,average camo, average armor, you think it’s good?

        Patriot is 500 times better.

        It’s an OK tier 8 prem at best.

  3. On the Russian forums a CM said that the calendar will somehow continue after the 24th. Maybe he meant that some offers will be avaiable throughout the special like the previous years, or we will get something new, who knows.

    1. Russians doesn’t get presents for Christmas, but for New Year (because of communism-atheism so they celebrated NY more, although they are after its fall back to orthodox Christianity), so likely it is true.

    2. Last year on SEA they made all 24 tanks available for a few days at the end so you may have a chance to get something you missed out on.

  4. >gives ebr to let CCs test, indicating it’ll be sold soon
    >isnt selling it in the advent calendar

    Did we even get any new tank? This is lackluster as hell

  5. The fact we could buy tanks with gold that aren’t in the game/site shop everyday is a great addition, but the verity of the offered tanks didn’t interest me. Was hoping too to see a new addition that we haven’t seen before, or at least give us the option to buy Is-3a

  6. I had a feeling that the cent would be on sale but I didn’t expect the carenorvan. Oh well better then the IS Berlin.

  7. Lol wärgaming spammed the whole year new premiums, and in the End people cry because there is not a new premium…. And Cent 5/1 is everything but not trash. Much better than the regular centurion 1.

  8. well you got to congratulate to the WG…they played this very well…..they “gave” a lot of gold in loot boxes and at the same time they sold calendar “special” tanks for gold…..thus increasing the incentive to spend money….looks like they hired some new folks…..and there was never any chance of NEW tanks appearing in calendar (those are fresh new things that can be monetized much better)

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