Data: Tier 8 Premium tank ownership

So I decided to take a look at how many people own which Tier 8 prem, in an effort to see how WG is doing in terms of selling prem tanks, and what people want in prem tanks. It’s hard to compare some prems, for many reasons, including:

1. Overall how good the tank is
2. Tank class
3. Armor/no armor
4. Nation
5. Price
6. Availability and/or how often it goes on sale
7. Other things (Some people hate slow tanks, love fast tanks, love nice guns hate derpy guns, want armor, want a brawler, a sniper, etc).
8. Misc things – crew size and how it looks, etc.

This is the top 15 owned Prem Tier 8 tanks (EU) from Wotcharts.Eu. It is sorted by # of Owners (Keep in mind to be an “Owner” you must play at least one battle in the tank). Also some of these prems were given out as marathons, and to CCs and Wg employees etc, but those are small numbers. I only listed top 15 as the table would be huge.

Some interesting observations:

Obviously some of these are tanks that are better than others, which is easily known by those who know this game, but you can also just look at the stats.

Skorpion G is a very strong tank in a good player’s hand (Arguably the best Tier 8 premium – it appeals to sniper trashlords and people who want to flex around the map and be useful), and is #1 in ownership, even though it’s not available for gold. Lowe/T34/T26E4/M4A1/Is6/CDC/Jtiger88/FV4202/Strv S1/T54 Mod 1/WZ 120 are all available for gold. The Progetto was a marathon tank, as was the Pilot. So literally the only two tanks (That i’m aware of) on this list that were not given away as a marathon or event etc, and aren’t available for gold (Meaning people gotta pay real $$$) are Skorpion and Lorr 40. Both of these tanks are excellent, and are probably in the top 10% of all Tier 8 prems in terms of overall how good they are.

Let’s compare to a known “Bad” Tier 8 prem, the Mauerbrecher, only 8200 owners, to the Somua (Which is a great tank) – Nearly 26000 owners which is more than 3 times as much. Both tanks are fairly new, AND Germany has a bigger tech tree, meaning more people probably play German tanks than Frenchies.

I know you can’t really compare them (autoloader to slow armored heavy) but the point I am trying to make here is that, people aren’t stupid THAT stupid, and neither is WG. They will buy the good tanks, and not so much the bad tanks. It doesn’t take long for someone who knows the game to know if a tank is bad or not, even just by looking at or a similar website without even playing it you can get a good idea of whether the tank will be good, and if you even want to play it.

So basically, expect more OP premium tanks in the future to be sold, because it’s simply not logical to release crappy premium tanks, because few people will buy them, and then what, what did that accomplish? Nothing.

Hope this makes sense – some 200 IQ stuff I know.

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  1. A lot of people played the Skorpion G when it was a rental tank, so the number of owners are not really accurate

    1. Doesn’t really change the basic idea in that the good prems get sold in large quantity and the trash dont. Also the Skorp has 8000 more owners than any other.. that’s a large margin, rentals or not.

      Look at LT-432, already has nearly 20000 owners, been on sale one time. It’s an OP tank, AND it’s a good crew trainer for T-100, another OP meta tank.

      Easy win by WG.

    1. Read. I stated it’s top 15, else the chart would be huge.

      Don’t need the entire list to see the point.

  2. Hey @Motoko, I really like to dig through data sheets like this. Did you copy/paste the values from the site and cleaned everything up or are you using some API here?

  3. Thanks Motoko, I love reading about figures and stats such as these.
    They provide rough scientific evidence to prove points.

    Meanwhile the naysayers still refer to the tinfoil hat, from 2011….

  4. There is nothing wrong with the release of strong premiums. Als long as they aren’t just flatout better than the regular tier 8 counterparts. That’s what’s making it P2W. Every tank in that list is better than their free-2-play cousin.

      1. Except:
        Lorraine > T69
        Defender > IS3
        M41 90 > All techtree lights
        Primo Victoria > Centurion 1
        Patriot > T32

        And a couple more which are arguable. And the Skorpion is by far the best T8 TD as it is the only one which combines mobility and a good gun. All T8 Tds with a good gun lack mobility (Borsig, ISU) and the only T8 TD with mobility lacks the gun(Charioteer) which gives you the most versatile package you can wish for.

        1. I was talking about THIS list. And I think Skorpion is not really better than Borsig, that thing has crazy camo and an option of 15cm gun that provides some solid memes. And I would say that for an average player WZ-120-FT is a much better TD than a Skorpion, that thing is insane. Also why would you compare Lorraine to T69 instead of 50-100?

      2. Defender > IS3
        Lorraine > 50/100
        Patriot > T32 + T34
        LT432 > LTTB
        Cent RAAC > regular Cent
        M4190 > HWK12

        And then most of the newer prems are waaayyyy better than Panther 88, CDC, Korea Patton and so on.

  5. I’m surprised that so many have the CDC. Yes there was hype when the tank first came out, but that hype died pretty quickly when people noticed the tank’s shortcomings (by now it is quite rare to see one in the wild).

    1. If they give that one better softstats (gunhandling, groundresistance), it will be a killer tank voor good players. I believe that’s the niche where it should fit in.

  6. What an arrogant piece of bullshit. Not jumping on the P2W train does not say anything about spending money or having spent money. There used to be several decent premiums which weren’t clearly OP and still got sold a ton. Just look at the list.
    Don’t try to justify a P2W attitude with “financing” the game.

  7. A lot of people are screaming that the Skorpion is OP. I don’t think so. Tanks with no armor can’t be OP without being extremely mobile or having extremely high camo. If you suck as a player, you will do worse in the Skorpion.

    The tanks that are OP or broken are the tanks with no weakspots or idiotproof armor. They are hard to beat and take no skill to be effective.

    1. Think you’d be surprised if you asked unicum players how good the skorpion G is.

      Yes, in an average player’s hands most unarmored tanks wont do well, but 490 alpha with a turret on tier 8 is crazy. It can pen tier 10s with ease, and it’s fast.

      1. “Think you’d be surprised if you asked unicum players how good the skorpion G is.”

        And that’s how it should be. Skill should be rewarded. Most of the pubbies don’t even pen 2 shots per game before they get killed. Yes, it’s alpha is good. Yes, it has a turret. But the platform isn’t idiotproof at all. It can easily be outplayed.

  8. People often miss this simple but true conjecture. WG has stepped unto a path they can’t go back, once they released arguably the tank that started it all the Skorpion G they had no choice but keep releasing strong tier 8 premiums.

    1. They can rebalance all the other tanks to be as powerfull as the OP ones… But that means they have to look at ALL the tanks. If you buff all the tier 8’s, you also have to buff the tier 6’s and 7’s. And if you buff those, you have to buff 4 and 5…

  9. The premium tank dilemma is that if a premium tank is stronk for its tier, then its P2W. If its weak for its tier, no one wants to buy it. But it wasn’t always this way, the old scheme of a premium tank with limited MM solved both problems. The limited MM used to be an asset rather than a liability and the tanks themselves didn’t have to be very good to still be worth playing.

    So the moral of this story was that trying to make premiums for normal MM was a mistake to begin with, and so was the push for the current template-based MM.

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