Holiday Ops – Boxes unavailable in Belgium


Due to legal restrictions,  Holiday Ops boxes are not available in Belgium.

However, players from Belgium will still be able to buy from other countries.

You can verify your place at the bottom of the Premium Shop by clicking on ” Europe (your language)”.

If your Place of Residence is not up-to-date *, FOLLOW THIS LINK is a contact Player Support.

  • * Example: You created the account while in Belgium, but you currently live in Germany.

Support will verify your current Place of Residence.

15 thoughts on “Holiday Ops – Boxes unavailable in Belgium

  1. These things are literally gambling.

    They aren’t even giving you the option to buy the thing at a high price.

    Rolling the dice and hoping for RNG.

    I hope the industry starts self-regulating or I’m sure the EU will.

    There are people literally addicted to loot-boxes and some of them are children this is getting slimier and more disgusting.

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      1. Except people are expecting those bonuses. It is like a slot machine they think “I will throw in a coin and maybe get a 40 euro tank for 5 euro” (just arbitrary numbers). Then they try it a few more times. And spend money they normally would not have spent and get stuff they might not have normally bought. Some of these actually might be children/people with not a lot of money to spare, who will see a chance to get more. This is like the lotteries work, you buy a ticket like an idiot every week hoping to get the jackpot. // To some this might not seem like a problem because they are not affected by such things a lotteries, but there are people for who these are serious problems and _This_ system is exploiting them (what if it was your father or brother?)

        But the thing is the tanks on the list are not even normally available or are rarely, so people who would be ready to spend like 20 euro to try to get a tank they can always get for 40 (which they may actually not even get if they spend the whole 40 euro “because lottery”) will spend potentially more, because they could get a tank they can not get under normal circumstances (which they might get or they might get some other tank they did not want)

        But hey everything is all right because you get full worth of your money in the form of stuff you may not even have needed or wanted right?


  2. With the random lottery – even if virtual goods it – Im surprised it’s not illegal in many more countries given the huge sums and little to no information about the payouts… Actually I believe this is actually illegal in many countries which just doesn’t have the ressources to follow up on a pc game.

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  3. Well, crap. I would have liked to get some more female crew members, but hey. It won’t spoil Christmas or anything and I understand why Belgian law considers it gambling.
    Thanks EA for effing things up for gamers.


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