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  1. “2019 will be a good year for WoT” – Well, WG, you could start trying to make it a better by at least keeping some of your promises.

    1. It is too late. The damage has been done and for a quite a while now. They can try to mitigate but the bad taste will never go away.

  2. Maybe you should read the souorce completly and realize that his was a bonus or so called gift for buying premium time. That IS a difference to straight forward selling bonds.

    1. It’s still giving out something that was never supposed to be given out that way. And they have promised that.

        1. They don’t at the moment and they say they are not considering selling bonds. Of course they have never promised ‘We will never sell bonds’ – expect to see them on sale at some point.

          1. LoL, u can find quotes of Ph3lan, telling everyone on the forums that the Defender won’t be sold on the EU cluster again; WG is just an opportunistic company trying to say and do everything possible, to squeeze as much money out of WoT as possible.

      1. well it was a gift. it wasn’t mentioned BEFORE the purchase so you couldn’t directly go for the bonds …

    1. If you can get it by paying then it’s a sold item.

      Bonds can only be obtained in ridiculously small amounts by playing a lot.
      If they decide to bundle 500 of them in premium packages then they are effevtively selling bonds.

      Don’t play with words.
      It’s just like wheb the PzIIJ was “gifted” for 100€ as a bonus with 30k gold. No. It was sold for 100€ along with gold. It would have been a gift if anyone could get is easily. But if nobody can get it or it requires an insane grind, then if it’s available instantly for real money it means it’s sold.

        1. And after the first retard buys it its known on the internet and then behaves like a normal package because you know what you get

  3. no wonder the NA server is the one “dying” faster, since that guy (I can’t remember it’s name, the one that was in the weekly videos before MeatHeadMilitia, was it Bennet or something, either way it’s one of the directors) joined the office it has been a “race” to milk every cent until it closes down, it even started before WG as a whole decided to milk us to the ground

  4. Bonds are a skill currency. On that topic, players from Europe, especially the west, told us that they accept the idea, but they should be able to buy bonds. As a commercial company it would be good for us, but we decided not to go down that way.

    -14th September 2018 QnA

    Seriously, WG?

  5. The game is in such a terrible state even QB dedicates an entire video to trashtalk WG’s choices and call the game pay2win.

    WG’s reaction : “let’s betray the players AGAIN”

  6. 500 bonds are nothing, that’s the price asked to demount improved equipment, you need several thousands to buy a single piece of it.

    That said, I’d appreciate if WG simply did not make promises they themselves know will be broken at some point. Just introduce something, present it to the playerbase, and don’t make statements like “we will never sell this for cash” or BS like that. WG Minsk is a cauldron of greed, believing they won’t find further ways to rip cash off the playerbase is foolish.

  7. It’s not exactly bonds for cash is it as such. It’s not sold on its own, nor is it a 100% “drop chance”. And it’s 500. It’s not like they are selling 5000 bonds on its own, as that would be kinda bad. Just like RU sells 100% crews with 2-3 skills. NA does this. I suspect it’s their way of rewarding the few that bothers to support that server. I doubt we will see it on EU in that way.

    But… I would not be surprised if bonds appear in the Xmas boxes either. That said WG have given out so much free bonds of late, does it matter? It’s not like it’s been hard to come by of late for anyone. I suspect it’s due to the fact we have not seen ranked in ages.

  8. Can’t find that offer anywhere in the NA shop. Anyone have an actual link to prove this, or is it an unadvertised special?

    1. The reason you can’t find it is because no offer exists. It is a “gift” randomly given if you buy premium time. It’s a slippery slope – as it can seen as gambling for bonds. “Buy 7 Days of Premium… No bonds. Buy another 7 days… no bonds. Buy another 7 days… 500 bonds!”

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