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  1. Dear Piromanrs!

    I’m not going to waste 24 minutes of my life on this well known WG shill when I have better things to do. Sorry.

    Hopefully WG will get rid of that new monetization advisor and Murazor before it’s too late, and have a strong 2019 with good ideas and decisions. That way WoT could be saved from the slow decline it’s currently in.

      1. Well one thing for sure his income is dropping like the number of WoT players…
        I stopped playing WoT myself because of the mentioned reasons plus no CooP mode for all tiers and no anonymous settings to block XVM. I am now happily spending my time and money in WoWs instead

    1. You do know that CCs don’t actually get paid an income. The only real thing they get is maybe some free gold and a couple perks.

      but you do you and keep posting random biased thoughts.

  2. His criticism seems pretty accurate to me.

    Here is the TL;DW
    People are pissed about P2W (Defender, Type5)
    People are pissed about the SHIT MM
    People are pissed about the BS Arty Changes

    1. The matchmaking changes they’ve made on SEA server should address many of the issues ppl have with MM if rolled out everywhere (except bots they have in low tier matches to make up numbers).

      Prob won’t do much to fix P2W though.

  3. Arty Bulls…
    soviet BIAS. (Impossible shots that hit even moving and people think it is fun! And miraculous bounces too…)
    Shit MM. (So rigged thats disgusting…)
    25% RNG ( just a way to do some rigging with an excuse).
    Solve it, I dare you!

    1. I know mate WG hates us both and are rigging everything against us! In other news, the government is using the water to turn the frogs gay

  4. For someone who is more often than not positive on the game, i do think he is very critical and brings a very detailed explanation. you can better watch this video than the next rant of SirFoch.
    Most people say QB is a chill, i dont think so. He is obviously more positive about WOT because this game is his life and his paycheck. but thing like the Type 5 heavy gold rounds and defender gets his critisism like any1 else.

    good video though. i dont see the people on this blog post such videos in the near future, but complaining they sure can…

  5. I agree very much with Lord Bogus. I really think QB is trying to provide constructive criticism to correlate the drop in player base with WG actions. Also as Lord Bogus said the contributors on this site either complain with out offering potential solutions or provide “ha, ha, ha, hi, hi, hi, everthing is wonderful” position. Its easy to complain, not so easy to provide solutions.

  6. I was the whole week at the bloody hotel, got back home and played Forza instead. I did spend more than 2k€ for WoT, i played for more than 6 years, have nearly 9k personal rating, I am in a big clan etc, but its no fun anymore. They ruined randoms with the MM, they ruined CW with literally anything they did, they ruined SH with the ELO based MM, ruined Teambattles etc. There is nothing fun anymore in this game. I am Sure i will buy a lot of their lootboxes in some days, but playing like i did? Thats a No.

  7. They had improved the MM on ASIA which is so much better now ( 20 game so far without tier 10 when i played on my sta 2)

  8. People shitting on QB calling him a WG shill yet not even bother to watch the video and see that all his criticism in ON POINT. Nice going guys. And we wonder why the WoT community is shit. ‘Nuff said.

  9. “WarGaming needs to change their ways”. U-hu. We’ve been preaching this since before Defender was a thing. They didn’t.
    And the arguement that they are the way they are, because their largest audience is russian and russians have this troll-mentality? Ok, sure, accepting that for a second, then I have to ask: Why are they not adapting the game to the european or american market specifically? What keeps them from not being complete dickwads with russian tanks on the EU-servers or why force ever more P2W and hidden “balancing” on a server-population that has a completely opposed mentality to such tactics?

  10. It’s still subjective on what works or not. And what is killing the game or not. As even in his comments. People are counter arguing with each other and vs him. But… for an 8 year old online only game. It’s honestly not doing to bad. As the meta on what works or not for games and gamers have changed since 2010 or even 2012.

    1. There are few things that have never worked though, like arty. I sincerely could not treat anyone defending the arty seriously.

  11. well the biggest issue, is that out there are really massive and true F2P titles (fortnite/pubg) making tons of money from microtransactions, while Wargaming remains on p2w and is focusing on the russian playerbase.

    after defender in clawnwars/skirmishes callers prefer premium tanks and the russian bias is not hiding anymore …

  12. People, give QB a chance this time. Many hate him for being a WG mouthpiece or being biased because he’s on their payroll and whatever, honestly I don’t care, but the content of this video is, while politely so, harshly critical of WG’s choices since the Swedish were added to the game. Just so anyone knows – when the Swedes were added to the game, the playerbase on EU peaked above 1.2 million; currently, it’s barely around 750k, this after a prolonged period where it was below even that.

  13. QB love him or hate him (although hate seems kinds childish its only a game) is right on the money correct in his assessment that WG are fuking up there own game with obvious greed Premium everything is getting sickening more and more

    and if course the complete shit MM 3-5-7 fuck-up Template is a disaster that WG supposed to promise to ‘fix’ this December 2018 ~ probably just more lies

    The Arty SPG fucks up most games now even more

    And of course wargame themselves biggest cunt liars weve ever seen remember the last time the T8 PMM fuck uo its PMM vehicles fault MM is bad and ‘come here little fellows’ (patronising superior Ruskie cunts

    cannot think why WOT is in decline, like lol!!!!!!!!

  14. Dear Piromanrs!

    I’m not going to waste 24 minutes of my life on this well known WG shill when I have better things to do. Sorry.

    Hopefully WG will get rid of that new monetization advisor and Murazor before it’s too late, and have a strong 2019 with good ideas and decisions. That way WoT could be saved from the slow decline it’s currently in.

  15. The funny thing is, I thought QB was gonna soft-ball it (given that WOT is pretty much the reason for his channel’s existance and his income stream), but he did hit home on quite a few points that have discouraged me as a player since Beta. The P2W tanks, the Artillery and MM changes, the un-fucking-believable cash grabs and blatant disregard of the playerbase that has become a staple of WG’s business model nowadays. Its no wonder that WOT is in decline……and as a still-dedicated player….I really, really, really hope that WG turns their shit around before the servers end up looking like a ghost town.

    1. QB is not above critisizing WG but is very diplomatic about how he does it with his family friendly language. Personally I prefer the master of no-bullshit opinions, Claus Kellerman.

  16. Ironic, they refused to remove Arty for fear of losing hundres of thousands of players, and ended up losing hundreds of thousand of players.

  17. Can we also talk a moment for the deflating of Expierence? As i started in 2012 you had to grind all the Tanks with pure Gaming and maybe Premium account. But these days you get bombed with Crew and Combat XP. Esp. with introducing the Polish tree they kicked in an avalance of XP. 5x for every Win to buy, 27k XP for doing missions, XP for doing something with Polish tanks, Female Commander for the Polish line with BIA and Sixth Sense. WTF. I dont want to cry now “I had to do it buhuhu” its just that it was so much that it came to my mind.
    On the other Hand we have a lot of Problems in the game already. The GUI is a mess, you get different Windows and different options for almost every Clan activity.
    Skirmish, Special window, selection of the tank via Drop Down.
    Advance, Drop Down for the Tank, Pingable Map on the Right.
    CW, Selection of the Tank in the Garage, no Map but a warning in the lower, that is complete bullshit.

    Accelerate Crew Button is completly bugged, My Commander (Female) has 3 Skills (2 are free, BIA, Sixth Sense) Repair and 45% in the 4th and gets accelereted while my Loader with 2 Skills and 67% and lower Percentage for his Expertise does not. WTF? Because he has less overall XP?

    The Show/Hide Buttons (Show/Hide Premium you know the drill) is ALWAYS a Show button, you cant hide the Prems for the Selection of the Carusel. In short: You cant set the Options a way you get only the Tanks in your Carousel that you have to grind because you cant hide the Elite and Premium/Reward Tanks in the Carousel.

    That is just a few of the things i find very anoying.

    And WG does not Care, just like Turn10, they simply do not care about their Bugs and go on with more content no matter how easy it is to fix and it gets pushed back into forever, because NEW CONTENT WUHU BUY OUR NEW TANK HERE YOU GO. And you have to buy em or grind them to be on Top of the Game esp. As a Clan Player, Type5 New Meta, ruining Operation Gambit. Obj. 268 V4 NEW META! And so on. It sucks so hard.

    1. What is bugged about accelerate crew training? It clearly says the battle xp goes to yhe crew member with the least experience. This means a BIA crewman with 2 skills and 3rd at 50% will get accelerated over a normal crew member with 1 skill and 2nd at 55%.

      I understand there are still many bugs in the games. but there are still heaps of morons calling things broken when they simply don’t understand the game mechanics.

    1. War Thunder isn’t dying though?
      The game is making strides in development, and the playerbase is stable. The game is pretty niche and whatever amount of players it has is very loyal, even if it’s only because there’s no game like War Thunder available currently.

  18. What is there to think? The source of the imbalancement in the game is artillery. Artillery is the reason heavy tanks got buffed to the point of overpowering other classes, especially considering how small the maps are. Arty is the reason for the corridor maps, funneling people into the same routes all the time. Artillery is the reason tanks can’t stay exposed and the fight all the time (preventing camping I am sure) along with many other bad things. The game simply cannot be truly balanced with the presence of a class designed to unbalance the whole thing with little to no skill. Even QB can see it.

  19. You know Wargaming is in trouble when Quickshill is calling World of Tanks out as a dying game and blames it on Wargaming for bad management and greed as the reasons.

  20. As someone who has only spent $100 on the game years ago and have all the nations finished I wouldn’t be upset if the game shut down. Funny thing is if WoT goes tits up then so does WG because all of WG’s other projects have been massive failures and WG lost a shit ton of money in the cyprus bank.

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