Advent Calendar: Day 7

The SM stands for “Super Méchant”! *

Let’s go French for our seventh offer of the Advent Calendar! Here goes the Somua SM, one of the most ferocious autoloaders of our game. With its high DPM and a decent armour by French standards, this vehicle is a nice mix of brawler and supporter and the ideal crew trainer for the heavy autoloader line! Add it to your garage now, you have 24 hours.Important: the Somua SM is part of our Advent Calendar! Therefore, you can purchase it through the bundle below or directly in the game for 11,300.

*Which could be translated as “really, really mean!”

0 thoughts on “Advent Calendar: Day 7

  1. Just as a quick info, I really like this tank. It is not as fast as you might except but yet the gun is still potent. 35 Seconds reload time for 5 shells. It is a great crewtrainer and plays I think better into the line then the FCM 50t does. IT HAS TO BE NOTED THOUGH, it does not have SMM

  2. And here I was thinking it stood for “Super Merde” … But seriously, I had it for testing and it is a decent tank. If it weren’t for the current rotten matchmaking, I might even consider buying one myself.

  3. Note: to anyone looking at this deal, if you had the twitch alpha package, you can get the SM for £29 with missions and a discount from the premium store, rather than the £42 bundle or £34 worth of gold in game.

    1. Actually, that turret is unexpectedly bouncy for ~220 and below pen gun.
      I lost count of the times where I bounce of the weak turret cheek.

  4. a good tank, and again on par if not better than the 50-100. im done paying that amount of money, but i can see people doing it.

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