Get Ready for Holiday Ops 2019

Holiday Ops 2019Holiday Ops 2019

Even during wartime, the festive season was celebrated and commemorated. The most notable of this “live and let live” attitude hailing from the trenches of Ypres and a makeshift football pitch in 1914. Stories like this inspired us to do something different with Holiday Ops 2019.

This year focuses on the frontline stories at a time where families, foes and everyone in-between often come together without prejudice. Throughout the event, discover the stories from various conflicts around the world and understand how the barriers were broken down, if only for a short time, during the festive period.

At this time of year, we are always looking to come up with cool events with unique atmospheres, so Holiday Ops 2019 will see you decorating the fields in which your in-Garage crew will be ready to celebrate.Holiday Ops 2019 kicks off13 December at 06:00 CET (UTC+1) and runs until 14 January 2019 at 06:00 CET (UTC+1) so get decorating, commanders!

Festive Atmosphere

When open your Garage, you will notice several interactive elements ready for decoration: a fir tree, a sculpture, a field kitchen and external decorations. Everything is as it was before: complete battle missions, earn decorations and put them up! Each decoration, depending on its rarity, enhances your Festive Atmosphere in the Garage. The rarer the decoration, the more festive points it brings. In total, there are 10 levels of Festive Atmosphere and 5 levels of decoration rarity. Your level of Festive Atmosphere depends on both the decoration rarity and how many are hung in your Garage. All players will start off at Level I by default and will receive a gift: the Tier III German Premium light tank, the MKA. Each increase in level will bring additional rewards including discounts on tech tree tanks from Tier I to X, personal reserves, equipment and garage slots.

There are plenty of rewards, but it wouldn’t be Holiday Ops without female crew members to be earned. Through the battle missions, there are 4 female tankers to earn all with unique appearances and ready to join any of your battling behemoths. In addition, they all come with a zero “Brother in Arms” perk and enough XP for another perk on top!


How can I get decorations?

You can earn decorations on the battlefield by completing the specific Holiday Ops missions. The types and styles of decoration, as well as its rarity are all random.

By carrying out these battle missions, decorating the hangar and increasing the Festive Atmosphere, you will be rewarded with a different bonus. For adorning your Garage in decorations of the same type, you will receive a boost to either: Credits, XP, Free XP or Crew XP. As you level up your collection, the more you will receive as a boost while in combat.

The 2019 Collection: What’s New

All the decorations are divided into 4 styles, just like last year. New Year, Christmas, Magic and Lunar collections. There will be special albums in which you can see your progress. Why collect them? As before, by completing a collection, you will receive great rewards. If you complete an entire collection, you will receive a unique customization style, an inscription and an emblem. These can be applied to any Tier X or Tier VIII Premium vehicle you like.          

But That’s Not All

Let’s get on to the collection bonus. Each collection starts giving out bonuses as long as at least 9 decorations have been collected. Each style has its own bonus:

  • New Year—Credits
  • Lunar—Combat XP
  • Magic—Free XP
  • Christmas—Crew XP

The collection bonus increases as you collect more decorations and is available to all vehicles you own. It also is positively affected by your Festive Atmosphere. How much? Well, by completing all the collections and reaching the maximum Festive Atmosphere, you will earn +50% on all the bonuses mentioned above.

The 2018 Collection: A Second Chance

Who remembers the styles for completing each of the collections last year? Some managed to collect all 4, but many didn’t so we are bringing them back this year. You will have to first reach the Level X Festive Atmosphere. Then you can get back to finishing last year’s collection as you will start off where you left off. Be quick though, after January 14 the opportunity will be gone for good.   

By opening the collection and clicking on the missing decoration, you will be able to construct it for a certain number of fragments. By the way, last year’s decorations are not randomly awarded, you can get exactly what you’re going for.

Large Holidron Decorider 2.0

The New Year Collider proved to be a good idea last year, so we’re bringing it back with a little upgrade. Version 2.0 allows to synchronize with album collections and we refreshed the overall look of the system and its interfaces. It operates the same as last year, you smash decoration you don’t want (we don’t recommend you try this at home) and with luck on your side, you can get the decorations you are missing.

To make things easier, by clicking on the missing decoration in your collection, the style you need will be set in the collider right away. Now just cross your fingers.

But remember the New Year Collider is a tool that needs to be used wisely!

Be sure to keep an eye out on an article tomorrow further explaining our inspiration for this year’s event!