Bonus code: TANKSHOT

Gives you A style, meaning it’s not known which style and how it’s chosen…



30 thoughts on “Bonus code: TANKSHOT

    1. I doubt that’s it. As I had one black widow camo for Germans before I put that in. And I have no idea where that comes from. I suspect it’s a mission that went under the radar or something.


      1. You got it from a Halloween event, you had to guess which streamer could accumulate the most XP over a period of time. Werewolves v Vampires or some such nonsense!


    2. @ sofazen. It does not give a Black Widow for Germans, I know because I got mine from a Halloween event. This code doesn’t seem to have given me anything,yet!


    1. You got that from a Halloween event. Werewolves v Vampires. I know because I have it too!

      Still not worked out what the new code does, though.


  1. Guys ! I asked support and they said that the code is something random (not necessary black window camo for Germany) and is only for the returning players. That means if you where active in game in the last week or so you wont get anything !


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