Welcome back T-50-2 (pictures)

Evil forces have removed this legend from game on 23.08.2013. but it has returned 🙂



15 thoughts on “Welcome back T-50-2 (pictures)

  1. I suspect I’m gonna try it on my alt on NA vs on EU. Tier 6 will be messed up here full of 15 vs 15 T-50-2 games for a day or so 😛 Just like when the T-34-85M was handed out.


    1. More likely a premium gift rather than a reward. Usualy a reward is obtained for completing special events. I can’t really see why they would not make it a premium, especialy since it’s only tier 6.


    1. Hopefuly not. It would be quite a shitty “unique gift for the veterans” if everyone can get it even if they just joined.

      Then again the KV-220 was supposed to be for beta-players only, and the Alien was supposed to be a pre-order gift. So anything is possible.


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