GJ WG – Golden Joystick: We Made It! And You Made It Happen


Your support brought World of Tanks its fourth Golden Joystick award. We’re truly humbled and extremely grateful for your passion and votes.

The game we all love saw a major graphics overhaul this year, welcomed several new tank lines, and treated us all to a new campaign of Personal Battle Missions. Our victory at the Golden Joystick Awards signals that our efforts are appreciated by every one of you. We’ll continue giving it our all next year and beyond, expanding the game with awesome new content and features.

Let’s celebrate this victory with a very special mission! Try to complete it as much as you can between 17 November at 11.00 CET (UTC+1) and 19 November at 11.00 CET (UTC+1).

Mission: I Want it All

  • Rewards
  • x2 XP for the battle
  • Objectives
  • Win a battle
  • Place in the top 10 of your team by base XP earned
  • Restrictions 
  • Repeatable
  • The bonus for the first victory of the day needs to have been used up
  • Only in Random Battles
  • Only in Tier IV-X vehicles

0 thoughts on “GJ WG – Golden Joystick: We Made It! And You Made It Happen

        1. PUBG is a lazy piece of trash developed by people who care about players even less than WG. I can’t imagine a single reason why would you vote for it.

              1. Oh, so you aren’t allowed to check out how the devs are destroying the game even more after I’ve stopped playing? Nice logic you got there.

                Also what’s up with this childish language?

                1. You’renot just “checking”, you’re actively shitting in the comments. On WoTExpress people would bash you with stones for that.

                  1. I just wanted to say off topic that I already have an WordPress account in my name so stop trying to register :facepalm

  1. I keep voting against them, and they keep winning…

    At this point I`m starting to think it`s me that`s the problem in WoT.

  2. there are still a lot of people that are playing so they probably voted for them. so they deserve it. its not a award of ”this game is the best after 6 years”. no, its a award of still playing. and people are still playing.

    i do thing they cheaped out on the award. a free tank would be justified, or give evryone 100 or so god

  3. Only retards could have voted for this shit game, it is so obviously rigged against the players and lie to them.

    1. So people who play and enjoy this game are retards? I guess this meams that people who are playing fucking abysmal Battle of Azeroth and sucking Blizzard’s dick are superhumans, lol.

    1. well to be hones it was always more of a free garage slot…..but it showed us they cared….this on the other hand….

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                1. I don’t think it’s supposed to be a meme more like he is just a shitty troll trying to impersonate you for whatever reason. Thankfully you can differentiate between you and the troll profiles easily.

                    1. I still have a WordPress account in my name. I’m the one and only Robopon. Being popular has its price 🙂

                    2. Of course people can tell who’s who. It’s obvious that You are the troll with the insults and childish vocabulary. I choose this nick long time ago, and certainly long before you decided to use it and make it a cause to regain…something you don’t own. It’s very annoying, there are at least two or three Robopons now. I will start using my WordPress acc and hopefully it’s will stop you.

                  1. Wrong, I’ve never heard about this game. It’s a different “Robopon”. Therefore you can stick it, fakerino.

                    1. It’s the truth. I’m getting quite tired of all people impersonating me. I must link my WordPress so we can se how’s the real one or not. You could change your name to something else. No one is preventing you,

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