Version 1.3 – 1st Public Test

The public test of update 1.3 should start today in the afternoon (~ 18: 00 Moscow time), and in case of any possible problems, the test server could be moved to another day.


11 thoughts on “Version 1.3 – 1st Public Test

  1. I haven’t seen articles about the 1.3 Supertest yet and here we come with the Publictest of 1.3 already? Whats the content? I would expect the overhaul of the German lines as promissed at least.

    I think 1.3 will also contain the X-Mas event stuff.

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  2. hmm well, let’s guess the content:
    – reworked Kharkov map, Pilsen, Ghost Town
    – buffed T-55A + obj 260
    – tank painting for tier 7
    – 3d customizations?
    – wheeled vehicles

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  3. With how little info we had about this patch, I doubt it’ll be significant at all.

    I’d wish they reworked personnal missions to not force players to play arty but I can dream…

    Expect a few vehicle reworks here and there, 5 new premium tanks, and that could be it.

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  4. Wierd enough the EU forum has its subforums about 1.3, started on Nov 6.
    So from them. what surely come in 1.3:
    – Reworked Maps: Mannerheim Line, Himmelsdorf, Pilsen, Fisherman’s Bay
    – Changes to the personal mission tanks (mostly t55 and obj260)
    – Personal Mission Changes
    – Customization – large scale decals
    – New Map for Grand Battles: Hinterland

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    1. Hurr Durr no arty nerf…fuck you and fuck all of you with these cryings !!! This is all on you and your stupid crying that made the arty in the state it is right now so accept it and move on bitch!


  5. The IS-3A Autoreloader will come, bois. You thought Defender was OP? pahahaha, get a load of 1.3!


    Added the autoreloading mechanics to the 122 mm D-25TA gun

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