WoWP – Fortresses vs Cannons


8 thoughts on “WoWP – Fortresses vs Cannons

  1. I get what they’re trying to do, but it just looks absolutely silly to have twin engine interceptors weaving in and out of a bomber formation while the bombers’ defensive gunners just sit there and take it.


    1. Actually YES.

      Many free to play players use it to get some gold or premium time.
      Also, free xp is shared with WoT. With daily missions it’s so easy to earn free xp, and “tokens” which u can use to buy a month of premium time.

      For example during the last event u got 100 golds for 5 win/each aircraft class, plus the lootbox with great rewards.


    2. I played it back before 2.0. And not because of gold or any of that. I actually kind of liked it.

      It was arcadey, yes. But it was also way faster than realistic mode in WT, while at the same time had a bit better physics, and more sense in it`s gameplay than WT arcade.
      It fit a certain niche, and it was all right in my book.

      But then some smartass said: “Hey, WT is doing way better than us! Let`s just destroy everything we worked on for the last 4 years, and make a cheap copy of Warthunder. That will SURELY bring us success.”

      And that`s how we got what we have now…


  2. To answer your question: No. …and for good reason. Persha does a horrible job of production and an even worse job of player retention than regular WarGaming. If you like being shit on by game designers, constant crashes, and wtf bugs… then Warplanes is the game for you!

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