NA Server – Grand Battles Return this November

Source: Portal

Nov. 13-19: Tier VIII Grand Battles

Special edition of Grand Battles for Tier VIII vehicles — that’s right, it’s not a typo — Tier VIII! More information is coming soon, so stay tuned!

0 thoughts on “NA Server – Grand Battles Return this November

  1. When the hell will front line return though.

    WG always removed the stuff that players actually enjoy and keep the shit that players hate

    1. IF I play the game I actually don’t mind grand battles. You do not loose any WN8 you don’t get any gunmarks shenanigans. Its pure just trying dumb stuff.

  2. well, my main concern about this solution is: Frontlines is a modus you can actively choose to play. Grand Battles are something you get totally randomly.

    if GBs would be available like Stronghold etc., then this could be a benefit for tier 8 tanks.

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