Object 252U – 96-Hour Sale on NA Nov. 1-5

The Tier VIII terror returns!

The Soviet heavy tank that packs a deadly 122 mm cannon is available in a special offer. This is the “unskinned” version, meaning you can customize its look!



15 thoughts on “Object 252U – 96-Hour Sale on NA Nov. 1-5

  1. WG are a bunch of morons in some department’s. This will bite you in the ass when you finally fix the mm.

    The more you get the greedier you become.


  2. Tier 8 is fucked. All top performing tanks are premiums thanks to WGs incopetence. WOT is a joke now days, not like it was back in the days when it was fun and intresting despite arty.


  3. NA must be really close zu be shut down. Otherwise I do not see any reasonable argument to milk just the last drops of cash from the desperate.

    This is, by all means, a huge PR desaster, IMHO. The Defender is THE one tank that is known for being OP on that tier.

    Well, it’s WG after all, I guess …


  4. holiday cashgrab, if it’s not sold here it’ll be in the advent calendar anyway. That’s how they did with the E-25: remove it for being OP and even admit it, say you wont sell it ever again, wait two years, boom christmas bundle. EU will get it too eventually


  5. We have a tank that has better armor than E100 with a better gun than the super conqueror…on tier 8. Pretty fun right? Because lets face it, all tryhards will spam apcr in the defender anyways because they can. Just nuke WG office pls.


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