WoWP – Bomber escort mode tutorial


5 thoughts on “WoWP – Bomber escort mode tutorial

  1. Here’s the best tutorial you can get: Since it’s a WoWP event, it’s horribly planned and extremely unbalanced and fun-sucking. So, the best thing to do: Not play. And if you must play: hope you are on the bomber escort side, as you have about a 5% chance of winning if you are on the defense.
    Because everyone is forced to participate in these crappy events if you play any tier above 4, it’s safe to play tiers 1-3 and only experience the normal levels of crap game design, crashes, and bugs, as opposed to the extreme crap of the event.

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    1. Yes, I used to play a lot of WOWP before 2.0. This was a really cool game but it had the problem of the lack of players. Now, it still has a lack of players but with a very boring gameplay. RIP old WOWP I miss you.

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