WG Fest 2018 – Object 244 as a gift for VIP ticket holders

Wargaming.net has prepared something special for a handful of people who will purchase VIP tickets at WG Fest 2018. Each of these players will receive a bonus code that will give them the opportunity to acquire virtual goods in the company’s games.

For World of Tanks, it will be nothing more than the Soviet Object 244 (HT-6, USSR, premium), a commemorative medal and a set of emblems. Last year, VIP ticket holders received the Soviet Sherman Łoza.

Tickets are normally available in the Russian premium store.



Can’t help but think of the „Russian Occupant” video because of the opening sequence of the trailer:


Pics of Bobject 244:










0 thoughts on “WG Fest 2018 – Object 244 as a gift for VIP ticket holders

  1. It had OP armor for Tier Vi 3 years ago when it was introduced. Now, however, it\’s just going to be a pretty darn good Tier VI. Like the T-34-85M of heavies. I think I\’ll buy it if they put it on sale!

  2. Id buy a Tier 6 KV1S with the old long 122 and 7 – 8 second reload time and maneuverability like the old one before they gave us that tall pile of crap 85

    1. Back to the roots i guess, i mean the KV13 is just a faster IS with a 85 mm so there is that

      1. No, KV-13 was definitely a heavy tank, meant to replace both T-34 and KV-1 as an all-purpose vehicle.

  3. Damn, I’m REALLY drunk rightnow and I dunno if I should buy this or a premium helicopter in WT. Bur I also want Soul Calibur 6. Well, shit, I can barely see buttons right now.

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