Chrysler GF -> Chrysler ?


In version 1.2 appeared Chrysler GF without Grand Finals camo, meaning it will be either swap-able or maybe converted to a style?

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21 thoughts on “Chrysler GF -> Chrysler ?

  1. Don’t matter in the slightest what they do with change the Camo GF style or whatever?

    unless they buff the 105mm Gun up from 198mm to at least 218mm + its unplayable

    – as you end up loading the 260mm Gold ammo ‘all the time’ for the Gun to penetrate reliably,
    this with the current 3-5-7 Template MM
    (this was sold before the crapper new 3-5-7 Template with 90% +2MM at T8 so always T10’s ((as you know

    and that Gold ammo is bloody expensive 4800 credits each, so you NEVER make any Credits but lose Credits and badly

    so the T8 Chrysler GF is pointless whatever ……… ?


    1. The shitstorm wasn’t because the tank was OP, it was because it has no frontal weakspots (what should be weakspots wasn’t modelled in) so please get your facts straight before running your mouth. I’m sure you’re one of the guys that starts crying everytime the E25 is on sale “hurdurdu, they said never sell E25 again hurdurdur”

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      1. If the tank would have been absolute garbage the entire shitstorm would have never happened. It was just a better tank than the T32 in all aspects with no drawbacks. Also i dont care if the E25 is on sale, its still pretty rare to see and most players have no clue how to use it (I also mostly just play light tanks or heavily armored tanks that are immune to the E25’s premium shells so i dont care about it)

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  2. Mauerbrecher was sold on RU as VK 168.01 without clown camo, does not mean EU will ever get it. Same story with the C-GF, making an appearance as clean tank, does not mean we will get one.
    I submitted a ticket when conversion was available for black bulldog, never got changed, must have entered it into battle by mistake or something.

    WG should allow to remove all clown skins, If only to sell more camo. Greed, WG, come and get it! Money in the pocket, just let get rid of clown camo, black GF included.


    1. WG was too lazy to make customization mechanic, so they give clown skin tanks instead. And after a while they think they still need customization mechanic, so they eventually make it. The result is, they can’t solve the problem of clown skin tanks and there are very few contents in customization market.


  3. Converted? Due it’s WG. You get two options as with everything. As they hope some will buy both. You get a free swap, or you buy it. There is no middle ground. It’s how every non skinned tank before it has been done.


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