SU-130PM Pictures (unfinished model)

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  1. They should have made quite a buck with the discounted Centurions. Still…maybe for WG there is no such thing as \”enough money\”. All in all, I\’m glad I\’m a Warships main nowadays.

  2. cant wait for the tank, ive been holding myself from buying any TDs for over a year until they had over 490 alpha.

    1. I too am interested in this TD and could make it my first WoT purchase in quite some time, but the alpha damage escalation is getting out of hand. Instead of 520 damage per shot, I would\’ve asked for 490 (as should be the norm for 128/130mm guns imho) and a bit more standard penetration.

      1. i think differently, i am okay with a tier 8 premium TD with 750 alpha, but the accuracy and dispersion values such as aim time should be balanced in place

        1. The whole vehicle should be balanced so that you have mighty firepower but should struggle to put it to good use. ISU-152 is a good example as the gun has Tier 10 alpha and Tier 9 penetration, but everything else is shit.

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