Chat problems – small update

A small update regarding known chat issues: it looks like we’ve found a solution to change the chat protocol to a more stable one. This version is less advanced, but it will not affect the function of the game – this is a more stable version, which is easier to monitor. At the moment we do not have any information when exactly the protocol change will take place, because we are just planning this change.
I will post more information as soon as it becomes available.

Falathi, Community Manager

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19 thoughts on “Chat problems – small update

  1. \”This version is less advanced\”

    Ummmm…. how \”less-advanced\” can chat be? It\’s not like it has moving emojis, displays images (other than emojis), plays video, etc.

    1. They probably wanted a new flashy set of scripts or shit but they fucked it up #CauseWGLOL. They also seem to ignore the fact that chat brakes every month on TWA.

  2. WG couldn\’t afford to pay the telephone bill for this last year

    stop complaining – and now right now, go and buy some expensive Premium Tanks & Premium Gold & Premium Account & Premium Shop offers

    Then WG can pay the phone Company and THEN we can get our WOT Chat back and working

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