Should we ask for a refund?

WG is decreasing the value of a clan from 2500 gold to 1m credits on October 10. My question to you TAP readers is, are we entitled for a refund, compensation or just nothing?

BTW all clan members are getting an exclusive clan camo.


45 thoughts on “Should we ask for a refund?

  1. did we get a refund for: conusmables/ammo no longer for gold or premium tanks being available for free or for playing? They should refund based on that they are deliberately ripping off customers this way, while interacting with the community as little as possible, not even listening to feedback from community contributors, firing any who speak out about how WG should be fucked with a horse cock and how their customer support consists only of auto-responders that deny any and all claims.

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  2. Btw, no you don’t. 1g is 400 cr, 2500g is 1M cr, so basicly the same. If you bring up, you spend real money, then you can’t get your money back either when you buy a prem tank for full price, next weedend it is 30% cheaper.
    And if you did not make gold back from your clan as clan leader, you did something very wrong.

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  3. We had 3 active clans, all dead now. No wonder they are changing it to credits.
    Not gonna help, ya incompetent useless fuck(whoever had this idea).

    BTW all clan members are getting an exclusive clan camo.
    Did you mean; all clan members in all clans? or specific clan?
    Anyhow thx for info.

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  4. You pay 2500 gold to create a clan – that does not mean a clan is 2500 gold worth… You also knew when the gold was paid you could never get your gold back, so absolutely no, you cannot expect a “refund” for accepting a price in gold long time ago just because the new prices are different…

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    1. Tank refund is mostly because of changes on the tanks themself or the tanks they fight against indirectly causing changes… Clans haven’t really changed functionality. You just pay differently if you want a new one 🙂

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    2. If you agree with him why are you asking this silly question? It does not have any legal or economic basis. If you go to a shop and buy something, you agreed to the terms of the deal when you did so. If the dealer discounts the product a year later, you can not go back to him and demand the discount too.


      1. Ok so i bough a car for 40000$, 5 years later the car costs 20000$ will i get a refund from the car manufacturer? Ofcourse no. And by the way 2500 gold = 1 mil credits


  5. I have no opinion about the whole gold to credits thing, but dammit, that camo looks like something my 2 years old cousin would make in MS Paint.
    I mean seriously, look at it!

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  6. Prices on everything changes over time. Just because you paid more 5 years ago vs one today for the same thing don’t always give you a right for a refund. Or a right to demand the differences. If WG changes it from gold to silver. That’s great. But I doubt they are bound by any law to give you anything back. If they want to just because is a different matter.

    I mean there are some that payed real gold for gold ammo back in the day, now it’s silver only. It’s the same thing.

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  7. So, the whole clans busyness is down in the dirt. WG just can’t invent a good past-endgame for people that have it all grinded up. I always claimed that they invest too much to keep small number of players busy.

    That’s the way of life, WG is not smart enough to understand a simple fact that E-sports, clans and more are dead ponies, the ponies just prove themselves dead.

    The clans pony is getting a vitamins shot, any vet will tell you it’s not much help to a dead animal.

    Any dude could have a clan for a small fee, now you can have a clan virtually for free. But who wants a beginner mini-clan? What is it good for? I expect the pony will be soon proclaimed dead, by owner or by users.

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    1. Wtf are you on about? Clans are very popular, at least on EU and RU. You can get gold, special clan boosters and special tanks from clan wars. How exactly “clan business is down in the dirt”?


    1. Price change is a thing.

      If it went from 2500g to 2000 or 1000, yeah sure why not.
      But you cant just turn something free after years of making people pay for it without any form of compensation.


  8. you gey nothing as you should and move on most clans have made 100x that amount in gold or more.
    its still the same price just different currency….


  9. No. why would you? Games been out for what 6+ years and you want a refund on something that is changing? no. Prem ammo and Prem consumables used to be gold only. no silver option. Nobody asked for a refund when they started making it available for silver or when it went all silver.

    Stop being a snowflake and just accept the change.


  10. Imagine that you today go to an electronics store and buy a phone for $800. Now let’s fast forward 3 years into the future so we get year 2021. You go to the same store, and now the phone costs $400. Do you also ask for a refund?


  11. Let’s say you buy a fridge, 7 years from now that fridge goes down to 10% of the price, do you ask for a refund? No, because you’ve got your money’s worth from the benefits of having a fridge for the last 7 years…

    Also before someone calls me a WG fanboy or some such let me assure you, I’m the first person to jump down WGs throat for actively trying to run their game into the ground. This time however they are not doing anything wrong imo and you are therefore entitled to nothing.


  12. My guess would be :
    —> new clans for silver —> people are more likely to spend silver than gold aka money for creating a new clan —>
    people in clans will probably stay longer in the game, because they can play with friends together and are more likely to not leave due to social group pressure —> more people staying ingame —> want to be more competitive so they buy things from the shop —> profit ?

    If this is the case it probably will not work in the long term, as so many things.


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