Data: Looking for volunteer(s) to help out with some manual data input

Hi folks,

In order to continue providing data articles I need some help. I am having a hell of a time parsing specific data. In this case it’s tank mobility (3 values, top speed, reverse speed, and power/wt, since VBaddict doesn’t have a metric for that, I tried using only to run into a slew of issues (Spent 3 hours yesterday trying to automate it). It takes several hours for me to create the content as is, and this would just slow it down and make it more frustrating.

If anyone is willing to help with some manual data entry, it would be greatly appreciate and I can release more articles more frequently. I am guessing manually inputting all the data would take 90 minutes or so, depends on how fast you work. This is for tier 8 tanks only.

If interested please contact me on Discord –  Motoko#2713 ( I am in TAP Discord) and we can discuss. I can send you which tanks and what values I need in a table, and you just input them.


Edit – All set. Thanks for the help.