WoT „Insurance”

Players on the NA server have reported receiving this:


As explained by  __WarChild__:

Howdy Tankers,

A few days ago, I received something called Daily Insurance which turned out to be rewards for LOSING games that you fight great in (I think top 5). I was pretty excited about it because I play well regardless of the outcome but winning just isn’t up to me 98% of the time. Wargaming giveth and it also taketh away…

Wargaming also took away the Daily Insurance from me and I hadn’t seen it since, nor an explanation about it. Hence my post today asking: Where the hell did it go? What was it? Why? Why?

My Posts:

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However, it has ALL been made CLEAR to me now:

What I received was just a sampler of what WoT life could be like if things were more fair.

And now, for a PRICE, you too can experience bliss no matter what kind a crap you’ve been dealt:

Even though it says “Monthly Insurance,” I lose way more than 100 battles over the course of a month. So $30 doesn’t even cover 30 Days worth of Insurance. I see now why they haven’t made any announcements about this. They wanted to float out the idea and see if people freaked. I’m pretty freaky.

In my opinion, they see players like me who pay for a year of premium (on discount) have over 300 days left, but wanted to figure out a way to get more $ out of us. THIS is what the Summer Survey was about when they discussed adding a “Higher Level of Premium Time” – which really upset me because that would in essence nerf my 641 days of Premium Time I currently have. This doesn’t fall under Premium Time, but it’s just another way to motivate people to spend $ on being able to survive/progress in the game. It’s like a giant Losers Booster that gives you all 3 things: Credits, XP & Free XP.

In summary, I was excited about getting the Daily Insurance for FREE and might not have objected if they charged a nominal fee for an entire month, but $30/100 Losses or 100 Games (not sure) doesn’t look like a good thing at all. So I’m downvoting the Daily Insurance “Policy” for now. But at least now we know what that was all about…

Best of luck to you good folks out there!