Supertest – Object 432


The new Premium tank is quite like the top vehicle of the Soviet light tank branch: low silhouette, great camo, and a hard-hitting weapon (for a light tank). Gameplay-wise, the Object 432 is different from its progression Tier VIII counterpart, the LTTB, being able to combine spotting with damage dealing (while the LTTB is more about active spotting, having better acceleration and view range). At the first stage of testing, the newcomer will carry an 85-mm gun with better stats than those of the LTTB. We’re doing this to make the tanks play differently. Then, we’ll see how the 432 goes with a 100-mm cannon. After the test, we’ll decide on the weapon and final stats. Of course, we’ll inform you on the choice we made.


17 thoughts on “Supertest – Object 432

  1. Maybe it’s early to say but from the looks this could be in tier 8 what the T-100 LT is in tier 10. Hopefully it has great cammo and the 4-man crew with the loader doubling as radioman like the other Soviet LTs starting at LTG. 🙂

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  2. another medium tank?
    after a quick search the Obj.432 is shown as being related to the T-64, the MBT with composite armour
    I personally find it really hard to accept that the Soviets did not design proper light tanks, especially since it does not make sense that they used all kinds of light tanks in WWII (from the old BTs to the later T-50/60/70/80) and did not continue to develop them
    even if they did not continue to develop conventional light tanks there is still a lot of vehicles that could be used instead of masking MTs as LTs, I mean, we have the BMPs that are more like troop transports but could work as LTs in the game
    besides the BMPs there are other amphibious vehicles that are better equiped for tank combat, vehicles like PT-76, Obj.906, and many other prototypes, that’s why I don’t understand why they keep using MTs, in this case even a MBT that would be Tier 10 if it had been developed in any other country, and don’t forget the T-64 would eventually be used to develop the T-80 MBT, it makes no sense
    if they keep doing this I think the other nations deserve some “freebies” as well, like the MBT/Kpz.70 and XM803 or M8 Bufford & Thunderbolt II, Stingray I & II, the British VFM Mk.5, etc…

    I would like to challenge someone in WG to give a reasonable explanation why they aren’t using the light AFVs and instead are using masked MTs but you just know they would not answer seriously, the only way I could accept their reasoning would be they not having shelved the old promiss to add amphibious tanks, but even that would be just barely enough to make any sense


  3. I think these are designed to murder the armored cars that are also in development. Can’t let the Motherland be humiliated.


  4. Dont forget that they’ll test it with a 100mm later. And my bet will be that it will get the 100mm, with 250 alpha and around 5.5 to 6 sec reloadtime, because they want a “hard hitting lt”


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