WoWS Gamescom Invite Codes

Sent to us by Martijn (NL). Thanks!

Please tell us in the comments which one you used.

If you have anything useful to share, please send an email to

2018_08_27 16_43 Office Lens

2018_08_27 16_43 Office Lens (2)2018_08_27 16_43 Office Lens (1)2018_08_27 16_42 Office Lens2018_08_27 16_44 Office Lens


3 thoughts on “WoWS Gamescom Invite Codes

  1. Everyone used them and nobody told shit
    Thats why nobody in this god forsaken earth gives you anything for free without make it public
    Because you are cheap at minds (for bots who used them without anounce)

    Liked by 1 person

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