Supertest: Type 59 and T26E4 SuperPershing Changes  Type 59 and Type 59 Gold:

  • Reload time reduced from 8.342 s to 8.055 seconds ;
  • Increased damage per minute from 1 798 to 1 862,2 ;
  • Increased rate of fire from 7,192 to 7,499 rounds/minute;
  • Improved aiming time from 2.21 to 2.01 sec   1.92 s ;
  • Corrected front turret armor from 200 to 230 mm ;
  • Engine power changed from 520 to 580 hp  650 hp ;
  • Improved power-to-weight ratio from 14.44 to 16.11 hp / t   18.06 hp / t .


  • Reduced the aim spread when the turret is rotated from 0.115 to 0.096;
  • Reduced the aim spread during turret rotation at maximum speed from 5.29 to 4.41.

___________________________________ T26E4 SuperPershing:

  • Increased penetration value for the AP projectile from 192 to 202 mm ;
  • Reload time reduced from 7.863 seconds to 7.671 seconds ;
  • Increased rate of fire from 7.631 to 7.821 rounds/minute ;
  • Increased damage per minute from 1 831,4 to 1 877.1 ;
  • Changed engine power from 500 to 610 hp ;
  • Improved power-to-weight ratio from 9.89 to 12.07 hp / t .


  • Turret armor has been improved. See pic below. (Before/After):

0 thoughts on “Supertest: Type 59 and T26E4 SuperPershing Changes

  1. Ahh the old snail Type 59 gets some love at last with a 18.06 hp / t boost
    which has always been my main disappointment with it, sluggish as hell

    how come the S Pershing gets a Gun Pen 202mm ~ buff but not the Type 59 (182mm AP is men! shoot Gold kappa!
    thought they both were MT\’s?

    1. Probably cause the Super Pershing is more sluggish than the Type 59 and with 18 HP/t you might flank the enemy

    1. Don\’t look at the bottom. It\’s not an argument to buff other tanks, just because there is even a worse in the field. I\’m pretty sure even the chinese lines will get some love as like the germans.

      1. Considering the chinese lines are essentially clones of the soviet line with down syndrome, and since the chinese tree\’s main (if not only) purpose was to let WoT access the chinese market (which is now done), I dont think they care at all about that line.

  2. Type 59 still has trash pen thus it\’s useless.

    Wtf is the point of a prem if you have to fire all premium shells?

  3. I so far as shown in the picture of that T26E4 S. Pershing, is good but please, return the riot shield armor on it, like before it got nerf.
    As for Type 59 and those use the 100mm gun in Chinese and Soviet MTs, please buff it too, if possible 212mm penetration on standard ammo and the premium ammo penetration in either 258 or 259.
    Including the Panther 88 gun, or specifically the 88mm L/71 gun, please buff it by add +10 penetration on the standard ammo with total of it, 213mm of penetration and the premium ammo would be better also in 258 or 259 too, and also the Pz. 58 Mutz or similar to it, it would be better get buff gun on the accuracy. the dispersion similar to Panther 88, 0.3mm dispersion and the view range got buff to 400m view range, make it versatile, since the Mutz are the most accurate history tank that have been made by the WG WoT.

    1. I think making every tier 8 medium have essentially identical gun stats would be really bad for the game. I don\’t think it\’s fun to play a line and know that the tier 8 will be a \”240 alpha 212 pen\” medium. Variety is important. Which is why the old STA-2 was more entertaining, which is why the T-34-3 is playable.
      To buff current mediums they should not do it by making their gun stats the same as those of the rest. Keep them different, play on their strenghts, rather than making them fit in the mold for a \”meh medium\”.

      1. Understandable but a lot of mediums struggle with one thing that is essential for a premium especially in the current meta and that is penetration. A lot of the times you struggle, even with gold to make the important shots count and that makes a lot of the mediums uncompetitve. I agree with you that keeping the variety is the way to go but make them compareable in their combat effectiveness.

        1. I tink there\’s a better solution to mediums having too little pen than increasing the pen of all mediums. Just balance the heavy tank napkin projects properly. More than anything in the game, WG needs to sort out the armor-creep. Most hightier heavies should have their side and rear-armor nerfed significantly (Type 5 in particular), and all should have viable frontal weakspts.

          1. I even got a better idea:change the fkn maps, so that mobility, viewrange, camo, skill, intelligence, flanking and shooting sides (212 more than enough for that),become important factors again.

            1. But i guess thats bad for WGs economy eh?….. But do they really think that a shrinking game full of frustrated customers is better?……. #keepgoldspamminggoldwhoreshappy

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