41 thoughts on “Moon camo

  1. Is this Camo waiting for us in the WOT Garage then?

    or is it us buying Gold with our cash for WG Xmas party for good stripers, best Vodka & coke

    1. In a good World we would get the return of moon battle and this will be a reward for it.
      But they will probably sell it in this World

  2. Probably has something to do with the release of First Man, in theatres October 12.

  3. Moon camo? Either related to some event with space travel for either the US or Russia? Like the upcoming movie mentioned above. Or… Lunar mode for PC?

    1. Ah balc0ra the WG forum douche. Nice to see you here. Looking for people to be toxic against?

  4. Maybe Serb is referring to the moonbase jokes. I would have liked the camo to be a darker grey, though.

  5. Jesus Christ, seems like the Wargaming \”Camouflage department\” is run by Down syndrome midgets who create these camos in MS Paint while high on krokodil.

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