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    1. it\’s possible for Tier 5, afterall they are supposed to have weaker guns than same tier light tanks AND in that case the 47mm cannon used on the 178 would be ideal for Tier 5 since it\’s available on tier 4 tanks in the game

    1. The question marks are literally representing the idea. It\’s not a branch proposal, it\’s just a branch idea. No vehicles, just branching and tiering…

      1. What branching and tiering? It already has been revealed that the line will start at tier 5. I expected to see actual tank proposals

  1. hehe what you expect them to do that much ?
    it\’s a whole new mechanic. Only 3 tanks will enjoy it. So tier 8 to 10 as everytime they make a new mechanic (see italians and sweedish tanks). And the tank shown at gamescom is probably the tier X in the form of an AMX13 90 with wheels but other stats stay the same.

      1. I mean I\’m not saying that just to trashtalk WG. It just makes sense.
        With the SiegeMode and Autoreload, only three tanks enjoyed the new mechanic. I doubt they\’ll do extra effort for this one.

        As for the tank shown being a tier X, well it\’s just logical to showcase the toptier of a new line in their reveal, this way people want THAT tank specificaly so they will grind for it.
        The only case where it makes sense to promote a tier 8 tank (or lower tier) is if it is a premium. Otherwise the best way to hype customers is to tease them with the best of the new content, not the mid-range.

        1. The armored car line will start from tier 5 so your whole statement is incorrect. Also the tank shown had a 75mm gun, that is not a tier 10 tank, its probably tier 7 or 8

    1. speedy is probably right, that\’s how it\’s been since the swedes
      plus it\’s probably true that the EBR 90 will be the tier 10 tank, which is sad as i would have wanted the amx-10rc prototype with a 105mm gun (as all the tanks shown in the teaser were tier 10)

      it would be also annoying if French wheeled light tanks had guns from the French tracked light tanks of the tier before, the batchat 12t being already a sub-par tank at tier 8, i would realy not want to have the same firepower at tier 9.

      1. How don\’t you guys see that between the questionmarks there\’s the Panhard EBR at tier 8? The Panhard EBR is literally the vehicle that was shown in all of those videos and pictures… The only \”better\” Panhard EBR is the Mle 1966 version that has a higher-velocity cannon in a FL-11 turret (being a viablt tier 9 candidate but needing artificial buffs to be tier 10), as the one shown is the Mle 54 variant, with the FL10… The other variants could be all merged into a single tank at tier 7, calling it Panhard EBR Prototype and giving it the FL3, FL-11 Prototype and FL-11 turrets along with the prototype-hull, which had flatter ends, unlike the angled plates the one we have seen has. Do your research guys before commenting and getting to blind conclusions. WG didn\’t yet add special mechanics (except normal autoloaders) below tier 7 because there aren\’t any tier 7 vehicles that use such mechanics. There could be, but there simply aren\’t any implemented yet.

        1. How don\’t you guy see that this article is a proposal by a fansite and not an official teaser thus nothing in it is real or confirmed by WG ?
          The only thing that we know so far about this line is the name of one tank, and that it wont include armored cars and lower tiers. That\’s all.

          And again by my points above:

          -there is no reason why WG would tease a brand new game mechanic and tech tree line with a tier 8 or below tank. When you hype a new line or mechanic, you do it either with a premium tier 8 or a regular tier 10, and we know this tank isnt a premium, therefore it is very likely (not 100% sure though obviously) a tier X. Logical from what we saw in the past and from a marketing point of view.

          -if WG hasnt exploited the siegemode and autoreloading mechanisms for more than 3 tanks I highly doubt they will do any differently with the wheeled tanks. Mainly because they are lazy, but also because giving the new cool stuff only to toptiers makes people want to grind the whole line to get them. Again, logical from what we saw in the past and a marketing point of view.

          1. The new mechanic is the ability to deploy or retract sets of wheels… wheels themselves aren\’t a new mechanic and you will be able to get such vehicles from tier 5…

  2. I don\’t think they\’ll put a t5 wheeled vehicle in the game. It\’d be reasonable to start from the elc, but I think the first one will be a t6 vehicle

    1. The branch starts from tier 5. The first wheeled vehicle WILL be tier 5…. This half-a-branch is supposed to be composed of wheeled-only vehicles from start to finish…

      1. T5 is too early to introduce such a massively different playstyle. 75% of people at t6 still don\’t know how to properly drive a tracked tank, how should they be able to go to wheeled vehicles??? If it starts at t5, the only proper way to do this is to lock that tree till the player has a tX light or medium IMHO. They shouldn\’t introduce wheeled vehicles in the first place.

        1. If you were to be one of that 75% of players, the answer is: you don\’t play wheeled vehicles. Also, being against content just because some players are stupid is pretty stupid if you ask me. Why not introduce wheeled vehicles? Why not have something new? Why not refresh the game? Why? Why? Why…

      2. jj the last time that any sub-branch was introduced in a similar manner it starded at tier 8 (French heavies). new mechanics are also for tier 8 9 and 10 (autoreloaders and siege mode) it\’s pretty obvious that it will start from tier 5

        1. i meant that it will obvioulsy start at tier 8 not 5

          also before saying that wheeled tanks are stupid you should give a reason for it,

          however there is none as wheeled vehicles are a great idea, it opens the way to so many awesome vehicles, including the EBRs

  3. Why not starting from AMX40, because according to WG AMX40 is a light Tank with a top speed of 50kmh.

    1. Do you really want unicums seal-clubbing against tier 2 newbies with extremely mobile small vehicles? Yeah, I don\’t think so…

      1. The low tier ones wouldn\’t be fast, be slow like everything else at those tiers. Why waste the opportunity to create a whole line when it is possible.

        1. Well, if you were to watch the stream from Gamescom you would have known that they stated pretty clearly that they don\’t want up-armored civillian trucks with guns mounted in small almost-makeshift turrets. While I would also love to see a full-fleged branch, given that France has potential for one, I am ok with the idea of not allowing them to trash low-tier battles. If they were to be slow in-game they would be underpowered, meaning that you have to give them normal, good guns for that tier. Given how WG wants branches to be more congruent in playstale and overall purpose, giving them normal guns would be against that principle.

          If you want to see the low-tier potential vehicles, check this link and you\’ll see many nice vehicles that everyone would love to see in game:


          1. Doesn\’t really matter to me, I have armored cars and half tracks in Warthunder and they are fun and unique.

    1. Because they are very high skill-cap vehicles, perfect for high-tier players. They won\’t be OP… if lights aren\’t then those won\’t even get close. Just don\’t let yourself caught in the middle of a field in your casemate TD by one fo those, but you should know already that it\’s not such a good idea. 😉

  4. Let\’s see what candidates we have… Quite enough of them actually:

    -Panhard models (most likely to see these) AMD 165/175, AMD 40 178, AMD 38 178, AMD 178B, AML 60, AML 60-20 Serval, AML-90, AML-20, AML-30;

    -Other Models (less likely to see any of these in the tech tree, most likely as premiums): Just follow this link: http://www.wardrawings.be/WW2/Files/1-Vehicles/Allies/4-France/09-ArmoredCars/AMD/Files/French-ArmoredCars.htm They are mostly machinegunned ones but some are WoT-viable. I vould love to have one of those as a premium crew-trainer for the mini-branch.

  5. the rumor is that at first it will start from the Bat Chat 12t (Tier 8), the question is:
    will it be parallel or lead to?
    the first means the first armored car available will be Tier 8, the second means they will add Tiers 9 and 10 first
    that changes things completely because the Tier of the Panhard EBR 90 (the one modelled) will influence how the rest of the line looks like

    if it\’s Tier 8 could be: »» V: 4×4 Panhard 178 (47mm) or 8×8 Panhard 201 (IRL 37mm, could be options to upgun it since it\’s quite similar to a EBR) »» VI: Panhard EBR FL11 (weaker 75mm) »» VII: Panhard EBR FL10 (stronger 75mm) »» VIII: Panhard EBR FL10 (90mm) »» IX: 4×4 Panhard AML 90??? or will they extend it to the 1980\’s (LOHR RPX 90, VBC 90, ERC 90 Sagaie »» X: AMX 10 RC (105mm)

    IF it is Tier 9: (each bump one tier up) »» 5: Panhard 178/201 »» 6: Panhard 178/201 »» 7: Panhard EBR FL11 »» 8: Panhard EBR FL10 (this 75mm worked well enough at Tier 7 with the AMX-13) »» 9: Panhard EBR FL10 (90mm) »» 10: 1960\’s Panhard AML 90????? or a possible upgunned EBR?????

    this is the easy way anyone can think off, there\’s potentially more projects I have no idea about that could replace several of these

    1. The Panhard EBR variants could be split like the AMX 13 series (75mm, 90mm, 105mm – though EBRs never mounted 105mm guns) OR be split by their historic Mle designation. The latter of which is better in my opinion.

      We could have the following vehicles:

      -Mle 1951 Prototype: Mounting the experimental FL-3 and FL-11 turrets and having flatter ends, unlike the angled plates (pointy nose) the one we have seen has;

      -Mle 1951 (Production): Mounting the actual FL-11 turret (not the experimental version that looks a little different) with a 75mm SA-49 gun; pretty good vehicle for tier 7, but given the required lower calibre it would be tier 8 material;

      -Mle 1954: This is the one we have seen in the teaser: FL-10 turret, 75mm SA-60 gun; could be equipped with 90mm guns and actually is in-game;

      -Mle 1966: The best and last model, mounting a FL-11 turret with a 90mm D921A Mle F 2 high-velocity gun with a fancy muzzlebrake. Could be a tier 10 vehicle with a low-alpha high-velocity & high-pen gun;

      Given that we will most likely see a premium one for crew-training purposes (hopefully the Mle 1951 as it doesn\’t have many module options), we remain with 3 variants. The Mle 1951 Prototype could go in the tier 8 spot, the Mle 1954 at tier 9 adn the Mle 1966 being the king of the line at tier 10.

      …but given that this tech tree pic has the \”Panhard EBR\” at the tier 8 spot, the name implying that it\’s the one we have been shown in the teaser, the proposal above goes to trash…

      We could still get more than 1 of them, with the Mle 1951 Prototype with the FL-3 turret at tier 8 as a premium, the one we have seen in the teaser (Mle 1954) at tier 8 as the tech tree shows, and the Mle 1966 one at tier 9 or 10, depending on what WG finds in archives to fill the missing spot. In this proposal I didn\’t take into account the earliest version of the Panhard EBR, the Panhard 201, which mounted one of the first ever oscilating turrets. Also, the AMX 12t turret could be and was mounted on a Panhard EBR, I don\’t know the details of that one, but it\’s yet another candidate.

      If you count them all you have 6 possible, different versions of the same vehicle, but in WoT we\’ll see more of them merged into one or 2, maybe 3 if we\’re lucky.

      Anyways, we\’ll just have to wait and see what plans WG has for them! 😉

      1. #JJ I think they will probably be a bit more straight forward with it
        they will eventually range from Tier 5 to 10 (although in reality there\’s material even for tier 1) but, according to rumors, the first line will be partial starting from the Bat Chat 12t
        we also know it is not common for WG to leak the Tier 10 before at least 1 or 2 other vehicles of the new line, that gives 2 options, either the revealed EBR will be the first premium or the first vehicle in the mini-line at Tier 8, either way it will most likely be Tier 8
        from that we can most likely expect the EBR Mle 54 at tier 7 and th EBR Mle 51 at tier 6, now that you mentioned the prototype as well as the one with the AMX-12t turret, any could be Tier 5 wich would fit better since the line would have the same special mode at least up to Tier 8
        for Tier 9 and 10 I have no idea BUT the AMX 10 RC is also from the 1960\’s and would fit Tier 10, it just would no be able to use the same type of special mode

        NOTE: I believe the rumored special mode will most likely be linked with the 2 pairs of metal wheels, a bit like city mode (retracted) vs offroad mode (lowered)

    2. i doubt that it would start from the bat chat 12t, that would make 4 (FOUR) tanks unlockable from the bat chat 12t,

      plus the last time that any tank sub-branch was added to a nation, it started with a tier 8 tank unlocked from a tier 7 tank (it was when the new French heavies were added) i think that this time could be the same.

      also it\’s fairly safe to assume that the EBR 90mm seen in the trailer is tier 10 (as all the other tanks in the trailer were tier 10)

      therefore we have to find out what could be the tier 8 and 9

      a fairly simple one would be the following (all the vehicles were built, and have retractable wheels, although only the top two have automatic loaders) : tier 8 EBR fl11 > tier 9 EBR fl10 > tier 10 EBR fl10 90mm

      i would realy hate this one because even though all are super cool vehicles, the fl11 and fl10 have guns found on tier 6 and 7 which is two tiers under what they are (the short 75mm in the fl11 being present on the stock amx-12t, and the long 75mm being found on the fully upgraded amx12t and amx13/75)

      i quickly checked charsFrançais.net which is a fairly exhaustive site for French vehicles, and saw nothing that i did not know before on it.

  6. All I know is that I\’m turning off the crew-training function in both the the AMX ELC & 12t; just in case.

  7. What I\’m curious about is how many Nations can possibly get wheeled vehicles? I know there are some German and US ones but other Nations?

    How many vehicles will it be in total for the French line? How many in total?
    Just curious and would like to know how much grinding lays before us!

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