Panhard EBL FL 10 Pictures

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  1. in my country this vehicle had an important role in it\’s history, during our revolution in 1974 the Panhard EBR was the only vehicle the revolutionary forces had available that could possibly defeat the Army M47s if combat broke out, one of the important moments in that revolution was when Panhards on one side and M47s on the other pointed barrels at each other until the revolutionary forces convinced the M47s crewman to abandon position and join the revolution, for that reason I\’ve waited for so long for it to be added (for as long as they first mentioned it would be possible to add them, in 2013 or 2014) and now it will become true
    as to how it will be modelled in the game I don\’t know, it seems they talked about armored cars coming to the game with guns weaker than the ones on light tanks BUT the Panhard EBR can at least mount a 90mm gun cannon that was effective against tier 10\’s back when the AMX-13/90 was still tier 8, that should be enough to fight at point-blank BUT I would rather it also had some ability to flank and shoot from cover since the ideal playstyle of a armored car will definitly be playing passively until the number of enemies drops a bit since you can\’t run around with enemies in every corner of the map

    1. Cool story, shows some history which is a nice aspect to the game.

      WG made it clear that they are going to introduce wheeled tanks, a bit different than armored cars, which would have compared to tanks very thin armor and would be HE spammed in game.

    1. It\’s a light tank, and the turret look like any AMX 13\’s so it could be anything between tier 8 and 10.

      And since it was the first preview we got of wheeled vehicles, and it\’s confirmed to be a regular tank, I\’d say it\’s a tier X

  2. I bet the \’\’design rule\’\’ for these will be to have gun that will be a tier late, with higher mobility. For exemple, this one will be tier 10, with the same gun as the AMX 13 90, and it will be more agile than the AMX 13 105. Just a guess though…

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