0 thoughts on “Lillehammer Map Video

    1. heavy tank’s wet dream, a corridor protected from arty xD
      nevertheless the version of the Italian map with the big side tunnel, was looking far more interesting than the current we have now …

      1. Either way im glad we are getting new maps which the game really is in need of (and a bunch of other things ofc)

  1. very interesting new map shows good promise something I never thought I would say about any map from WG developers, surprise me!
    the height elevation changes are the biggest positive I take from this map you really have 2 levels both separate and I can actually see roles for everything from LT’s to TD’s
    once the forest trees and bushes are finalised if it gets to the HD version build this could be a map most player will actually enjoy getting spawned into
    ** that’s if WG can resist the temptation to corridor and flatten the fuck out of it
    btw ~ Wargaming say this map will be decided by players if it gets into the map servers, lets say for now, yes please WG!

  2. On a side note… according to WG this is a map just to test how players react when there is no defined line for meds, HT’s or any class. Not a real big chance it will appear on live.

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