RU: Scholarships for WoT eSports players

ITMO University of Saint Petersburg has introduced scholarships for eSports players, being the first Russian university to do so.  First-year students will be able to receive money for games such as World of Tanks or World of Warships.

Only state budget students who entered ITMO with a score of at least 250 points on the university entering exam will be eligible for the award, noted ITMO. Passing the portfolio competition, they will be able to receive 10,000 rubles a month for two semesters with good or excellent academic performance.

A scholarship to cyber-sports students will be paid as part of the project by the student ITMO sports club “Kronverks Leopards”. In total, only five students will participate in the scholarship program in eleven high-priority disciplines of the university.

Among them we can find all three flagship games of Wargaming: WoT, WoWS and even WoWP:



16 thoughts on “RU: Scholarships for WoT eSports players

  1. #esportworthy
    But yeah, 10k rubles a month for a student is pretty good, he may be able to buy clothes for himself, instead of asking his mom. Rarely though, maybe he’ll want to eat something every once in a while.

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    1. Well, e-sports are just like sports, only less gay. No problem in students doing e-sports as part of the education, really.


      1. @Robopon: The difference is that ordinary sports makes people exercise their body, while e-sports makes people sit still even more. Soon they can replace all chairs with wheelchairs in schools, because that’s what the next generation is moving towards.


        1. What are you talking about? I’m talking about colleges and universities like in this case. By that point people are usually adult enough to decide for themselves what they want to do in their life. And I honestly think that professional e-sportsman is a lot healthier than a professional sportsman.

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        2. Most professional esports teams require their players to do daily excersize and to keep good health in general. No good having the players end up in hospital for health problems.

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  2. Robopon man wth are you smoking. You actually think a pro e-sport person is healthier than a real pro athlete?

    Most e-sport shitlords are fat as hell or skinny as hell, have terrible diets, and never even see daylight.

    How is that healthy?


      1. Add in the fact that the Warships “version” of WGL, “King of the Seas” is purely community run with just a little PR support by WG here and there, and I’m with ya there. If WG really thinks their games are soo esports worthy that they’d put it with a university, WG better fix their own esports shit first.


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