Pre-Sales: The 50TP Prototyp


You know the drill – once in a while, a new Premium vehicle joins your favourite game and becomes yours to enjoy before it hits the full release in the store thanks to our presales! With a Premium Account, you can enjoy the tank before anyone else, next to bragging rights, of course! Now that we’ve refreshed your memory, it’s time to introduce a new Polish vehicle to World of Tanks:

The 50TP Prototyp!

Whether you want to extend your experience in the Polish line, support your teammates, or play as a mid-range hull-down tank, the 50TP Prototyp is made for you!
With its resilient and quick moving turret, as well as a strongly angled front, this heavy tank is reliable and packs an amazing punch, dealing 440 damage per shot, one of the highest values among Tier VIII heavy tanks. Add some decent accuracy (for a gun of that calibre) and solid penetration values on top of that, and you’ll have an amazing support heavy to park in your garage!
A quick presentation for a weird looking and yet very effective tank! But if you want to learn more about the gameplay of this Polish newcomer, read our complete guide below!

As the first Polish heavy tank in the game, the 50TP Prototyp is a suitable introduction to the play style of this nation’s heavy tank branch. Focusing on sloped armour, good gun depression, and high damage per shot, this vehicle combines the strengths of other nations in one vehicle. But of course, there are downsides to it that you need to pay attention to.


This Polish heavy tank has its very distinct armour layout and isn’t really comparable to any other nation. Frontally, it has an acute and almost impenetrable pike nose. On top of it is the driver’s cabin, which is also tough but not invincible. The lower frontal plate is the main weak spot, try and keep it hidden to avoid getting torn apart. Taking a look at the side armour, it’s okay for side-scraping but it’s easy to overdo it and receive unnecessary damage, so be careful!

To get the best protection, it’s best to show your front to the enemy. Angling the 50TP Prototyp will expose the side of the driver’s cabin, which is easy to penetrate for every opponent you meet.

Mobility-wise, it’s average in terms of top speed but features above-average acceleration. This helps you get to critical positions in time. What makes this tank truly awesome is its 122 mm gun. Featuring high damage per shot and decent penetration, you can be sure that the enemy will think twice before messing with you. The rate of fire is predictably low but the accuracy isn’t that bad, considering how hard the gun hits. Use hills and the superb gun depression to show your tough turret and smash your target with the big gun, and you’ll have a lot of fun with this Pole.

The 50TP Prototyp can act as a heavy tank when at the top of the list, but when facing too many heavily-armoured opponents it’s better to mess with the enemy medium tanks, despite the lower mobility.


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Considering the strong 122 mm gun, it’s only natural to choose pieces of equipment that are aimed at improving the performance of it. The Tank Gun Rammer makes a big difference because of the high reload time. To make sure that more shots hit your targets, mount a Vertical Stabilizer and an Enhanced Gun Laying Drive.

Crew Skills

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We always tell you how important Repair is for your vehicle, as destroyed tracks mean you’ll be a sitting duck and prone to enemy fire. With the 50TP Prototyp, though, we mean it – have you seen those massive tracks? Make sure you have that skill mastered to be able to keep moving. The other skills will improve the performance of your tank, especially the gun.