0 thoughts on “Football mode 2018. – aftermath

  1. Obnoxious, ugly mode shoved in the face without any ability to choose. Everybody loves football, so everybody must enjoy it shoved in the garage with epilepsy inducing graphics. As commanded by game dictator! And I also commanded to want some guy in my team.
    FU, WG! I don’t like being dictated, I don’t want modes imposed without my permission. And I don’t want clowns,roosters,Trump,WH40000,football or any other popular sh*t mixed into my Tank game. I came to play tanks, if I want something else, when I want it, I am free to go and play.
    And it brings me to another ugly mode, WG can take Ranked Battles with all the bonuses and shove it up so far they will be able to taste it. Tweaked Battles mode is plain and simple, rigged. They do it in randoms, they hell yes do it in RB. One team all claned-up and sporting top badges while the other has two badged players and one clan member. Gee, I wonder who wins. Don’t use and don’t need XVM to predict this.
    And even relatively good teams camp back as a rule, go all the wrong way and/or suicide-rush like bots. But good teams are available only as long as you lose, win and get the bot-fest with tweaked
    RNG, where LT’s bounce off shots, but all enemy team autoaim-pens your Maus in upper front armor plate.
    I got used to riding tweak waves in randoms. I loved Frontline because it was less obviously manipulated (and short-lived because of reasons) . I hate Ranked Battles. I might have liked football if it was a choice.

      1. Thanks, I got it. Don’t think WG can take any more.
        They must be all lawyering up on me and searching for a nice reliable Belorussian hit man. If I am found dead with bunch of legal papers around and potato stuffed in mouth, it is not a suicide.

      2. I sort of agree. For me I want time and effort put into the core game. Not other fluff. I don’t like the mode..or any of the previous ones all the way back to Karl.

    1. “I might have liked football if it was a choice.”
      You did have a choice, no one forced you to play it

      1. Let’s say some food company that you buy from now sells cow dung. Not just sells, but puts it in your fridge, no charge, free. So you have a big steaming pile of sh*t in your fridge, right where all your food is. Why are you not happy?
        You have a choice, don’t you? Nobody forced you to eat it. It’s just the fact they put it in your face that is strangely annoying.
        Frontline was behind a button, Ranked battles and other modes are behind a button, these are choice. Football got shoved in, I had to tweak game files to get normal garage back. Ofc I won’t play.
        If you like it this way, you can move to Belarus, they have a lot of choices like this. Like the elections there, vote yes or yes.

    2. Are you one of those people that spent all day on the forums bitching about Frontline because everyone was playing it?

    1. Football is not ‘Amerikan kulture’. Sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you’re foolish…
      On the other hand, keep making comments – they’re really amusing and I like stupid humour.

      1. It’s obvious you are pro-Amerikan. Do your really think your weak language scares anyone? You are making a fool out of yourself by just opening your oppressive mouth.

          1. Oh he has lackeys with the foul language typical of an Amerikan. Well done, you just showed us your low IQ. Go call Trump, imperialist.

              1. Let me guess, a British with poor language skills? Definitely a pro-Amerikan. Why deny that? Using their typical racist slangs for Muslims.

    1. Yes. Western civilization will fall and falls as we speak. Amerika is doomed now when they will attack Iran. It will be the graveyard of western civilization.

  2. it was meh….but it was easiest 14 days of premium and ton of credits earned too :):):):)

  3. This time, football mode was really good, compared to the previous one. Splash was very effective and made the mode very enjoyable. I played it a lot, enjoyed it, but when I got the rewards, I kept playing like 1-2 times per day. I would love the racing mode to come back since it was even more fun than the football!!!

  4. This event was typically WG…
    – RNG,
    – bots,
    – afk and retard team mates,
    – rage quiting,
    – broken mechanics (ghost shells, falling through map boundaries …)
    – contest to promote cheating (over 95% winrate with 100+ matches sounds like cheating to me)

  5. The Stats in this Picture are completely fucked up. There cannot be 9 mil goals if more than 61% of the matches end with at least 2 goals. So, their statistic is manipulated- most matches ends with 0 Goals.

  6. The only good thing about this mode was that it kept all the South American shitlords busy so they didn’t flood the randoms queue.
    Only Eurofags and shithole countries like “soccer”.

  7. >1 886 015 players
    >203 594 got 30+ points, a.k.a. ~10 awards, a.k.a. “1st award”
    >”Huge success”!
    When less than 10% get even the “1st award” which didn’t require too much grinding, you can already say the gamemode was a flop, not a “huge success”.

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