50TP prototyp „Winged Hussar” Renders

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    1. Winged Hussars. Heavy Polish cavalry from XVII century. Look them up. Really impressive battle results.

        1. No, hussars were whatever the hell you wanted them to be, because it’s a meaningless term.
          Case in point: Polish winged hussars had very heavy armor using lances to smash into enemy formations, but French and British hussars had no armor whatsoever and used only sabers to run down flanks and stragglers.

          1. The name Hussars is descended from Hungarian Huzars which is a derived from Serbian Husards which was the name for Brigands and raiders operating in the area.
            The type of armor is not as important as the tactics are. Hussars are typically a fast moving Cavalry unit using surprise and speed to hit hard and get away fast, hit and run harassment skirmishing.

            1. Yes, and then you compare my two examples and realize that both are polar opposites despite sporting the same name, making it completely meaningless.
              Having an etymology doesn’t change that.

    1. If you read Guderian’s memoirs, he mentions this happened. I don’t see why he should lie about this, since he was not exactly liking Hitler. I personally find it a very galliant and noble effort from a disorganised enemy.

    2. I read Guderian’s book relating his participation in the war, in details. He said that this really happened. No offense, but between Guderian and you, I’d rather believe him. He was there, you did not.

  1. So…. Sabaton is working with WG again ? At least Winged Hussar is better than Primo Victoria

  2. See, that’s a skin that I can actually get behind… That looks cool and possibly somewhat historical… *Looking at you Skorpion G… The G stands for Gay Art Design*

    1. historical? just because the Winged Hussars existed it does not mean the Poles would paint horses in their tanks, or would they?
      it would be “historical” if they used the Hussars old coat-of-arms (emblem) signifying the tanks took on the role of the cavalry (shock troops/breakthrough/exploitation) as it was common in some countries for cavalry units to be turned into tank units, like Patton and his forces in the post-WWI/interwar period
      I believe that would make more sense

  3. This is a ‘clown paintjob’ that was well done, it’s really easy on the eyes when compared to the previous ones.

  4. I just hope they will weaken the part around the drivers hatch by 10-15 mm.
    If it stays as it is, it`s almost Defender level.

      1. That has nothing to do with the point.
        The point is, that it might be OP. And the LAST thing we need is another OP heavily armoured tier 8 premium.

    1. It has a weak lower plate, unlike Defender. No need to give it more weak spots, it’s a heavy tank.

    2. The driver’s compartment can stay the way it is. The lower plate, the turret ring on both sides of the driver’s compartment and the plating on both sides of the driver’s viewport are all exploitable weakspots. This will be a strong tank, but not a tard proof one like Defender where you can get good games by simply yoloing forward and tanking everything.

      1. I disagree.
        I don`t get it why everyone insists that having 1 or 2 small weakspots are enough to balance out a tank, especially it it`s a fast heavy/heavium.
        The WHOLE frontal plate should be 50/50 to pen with most regular tier 8 rounds.
        Then, if it is too weak, they can give it a slightly better gun, or speed.
        Hard to pen tier 8 premiums are the most irritating thing in this game.
        Because not being able to pen a tank is very frustrating by itself, and when the tank is also a premium, that stinks of P2W to high heaven, and people WILL cry about it.
        Mark my words….

        1. It’s not a heavium, it’s a heavy tank. And no, tier 8 HEAVY should not be easily penned by tier 8 tanks. It has weak lower plate and small cupolas, which is perfectly fine.

  5. Tier 8 mm was not jet completely fucked with unpennable heavies with tier 9 guns.

    1. Probably the same as any other clown/regular premium – you get to choose either of them in the shop when they go on sale. WG learned their mistakes with the Liberte and Patriot.

    1. You do realize every country in the world glorifies their war achievements, barring exceptions (such as modern Germany praising Hitler’s conquest of Europe, but we have neonazis for that), and praises the ‘heroes’ of the past?

      1. All western countries have bloodshed and mass murderous history of colonialism and imperialism.

  6. but I ‘ve read a coupls of times now, that the polish empblem (those four squares (white and red) need to be tilted by 45°. Only on the Pudel it was done this way and this was only, because they (the resistance) needed to paint over the former insignias.
    so much for basic research …
    un dthe paintjob it self: nice idea and I guess the polish community will very much like it. those Husars played a very important role at stopping the Osmans at Wien. otherwise we could all be muslims and speak tukish in Europe nowadays …

  7. yesterday I met one of them in match. I penned its side armor with my t44100 but cannot pen frontal lowerplate armor from 180meter in 2 shots w/o gold ammo. lfp is not that weak.
    turret cupola cannot be seen while it is using its gun depression. good tank but not as op as defender imho

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