105 leFH18B2 available again on EU

You have until 30 July at 05:00 CEST (UTC+2) to get it. Yep, WG is selling it again.
Cheapest bundle:
Price: 28 €, tank, slot, 3000 Gold, 30×PERSONAL RESERVES: +200% CREW XP FOR 2 HOURS, 15×MISSIONS: X5 XP FOR EACH VICTORY.
Link to store

0 thoughts on “105 leFH18B2 available again on EU

    1. Don’t jinx it. NA is already dead enough, if they release this here it would probably just die.

      1. Theres plenty of players on NA. Sure not near as much as EU, but that’s only because the vast majority of American gamers brains are mush, to focused on crap games like Fortnite and COD and hurdurmuhconsoles.

  1. I don’t understand WG. They sell after a poll for 2 days, they take it down and put it up again for no real reason. I would say I’m disappointed, but now I just can’t stop laughing and crying at the same time.

    1. What don’t you understand? they made an assload of money on it first time, they want another assload of money, even if it destroys their game.

  2. This is WG’s EU office milking machine (read:marketing) at work.
    It shows exactly why I started to dislike WG’s independent marketing departments with their independent strategies.
    IMO WG’s marketing should have been centralised years ago and better streamlined across regions (if it’s about what’s on sale, or general in game discounts). Leaving only some region specific specials.

    1. Not even to mention the disgusting marketing move by those EU Einsteins of selling this piece of shit again.

  3. I think I have not played arty for 2years now.
    Maybe I should buy this clickers dream machine, it must be real fun pissing off everybody in the enemy team…. xd xd xd

    1. you just perpetuate the same shit problem by doing that.
      Have no arty, will never play arty, fuck missions, dont care.

    2. You should and it is. Best of all, noobs that joined after the big ‘arty nerf boomstick’ won’t even know what hit them. They’ll think it’s a bug or some shit.

      1. Agree, that is the most fun of it! The leFH18B2 is one of the arties that were not impacted from the arty nerf….

  4. There’s only one reason to put this arty for sale again: IT SELLS LIKE HOT CAKES. Stop the nay saying.

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