Supertest: IS-6 and 8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger Changes

IS-6 and IS-6 Black:
Increased penetration value (AP round) from 175 to 182 mm;
Increased penetration value for the premium projectile from 217 to 225 mm;
Reduced aiming time from 3.26 sec. to 2.68 sec;
Corrected front turret armor (up to 190 mm on the sides of the cannon).
8.8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger:
Increased penetration value (AP round) from 203 to 212 mm;
Increased vehicle durability from 1300 to 1400 HP;
Increased reverse speed from 12 to 14 km / h;
Reduced aiming time from 1.92 sec to 1.73 sec.

0 thoughts on “Supertest: IS-6 and 8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger Changes

      1. Stat wise not bad, in practice it’s being overshadowed by everything else. 45% winrate in VB

        1. Basically that is it what you say Uolak There is no point if every other TD powercreeps it, even some tier 7s.

  1. Making these tanks comfortable and fun is actually very simple. Give them comparable pen values to their tech-tree peers. That’s pretty much it. Even if all their other stats are crappy, pen alone can make any tank playable. And honestly I’m not even worried about them having “too much pen for limited MM”. The other drawbacks can make up for that.

  2. The devs fear over-buffing prems so much, all improvements are measured and approved by several bosses. Therefore, we won’t get the next bobject for sure, the JT will still be a HP pinata.

      1. 252U/Defender has never been buffed! It was broken from the start, whole other department, with some supertest help.

  3. Guys, any buff to these useless tanks is good.
    They still won’t be good, but it’s better than nothing.
    Do you know how many tanks in this game are useless? Any buffs are good.
    Love live Tiger 2.

      1. Tiger 2 needs a huge buff to its armor 290(its flat) turret and 150 hull.. 100 side armor boom it has a worth again..

  4. Just to get it clear: Those tanks will be non-prefMM-Tanks then? Yes? Why dont they get an amor buff then? The 8.8 Jagdtiger will be penetrated through his upper casearmor easily from Tier 10 and most of Tier 9 too.

    1. Is shit for a tier 8 heavy that would see tier 10, which they don’t. So it is a welcome buff that will make them more comfortable in use.

  5. They are also buffing the T-34-3 122mm shell to 182 pen. But then what about the for ever neglected T-34-2?
    That thing, and the Chinese medium line in general, should be looked at and it’s 122mm should at least also receive the same pen buff.
    But then again, there are various Nations with tanks in their tech trees that have been neglected for years.

  6. Still useless against current T8 powercreep heavies.
    Basically you still have to spam gold in order to be usefull against these tanks.
    That however means they earn much less. This acutally means its a useless premium. GG WG

  7. Considering the armor values are the same as the tier 9 Jagdtiger one would think the hit points should be 2100 or at least 1600 as in the Jagdtiger (H) the other tier 8 premium that was in super test a while back. Info on Tanksgg

  8. This kind of things give me hope that someday i will try WoT again. But they are not enough for me St least right now Hope they will improve a little bit more

  9. Weak sauce, guess they are really afraid of the over buff. I’d say Skorpion G sales will not be loosing out to Jagdtiger 88 any time soon.

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