0 thoughts on “Battle of Kursk marathon – missions day 15

  1. Oh, WG has finally realized, that the armor of their historical vehicles is crap.

  2. WG: let’s do a mission where tanks block damage, but in real life if you got a hit pretty much you are already dead… ok lets put block 500 dmg .,.

  3. i mean, if you cant do this in 5 games in any tank, you probably should stop playing skorpion G and udes.

  4. Block damage…when all we face these days are HE spamming Jap heavies.
    I honestly with the people at WG that come up with this shit would burn to death.

    1. … if you cant block 3000 damage over 10 battles (Or much less if you have a brain) you need to re-think your life.
      This really isn’t difficult.

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