Polish tree – Supertest

polish tree



17 thoughts on “Polish tree – Supertest

  1. Same meme as the Czech tree, and Italy and Swedish tech tree (but 1 TD + 1/2 Med + 1/2 line HT’s lines) now Polish single tech tree line

    fuck all Vehicles just the 1 tech tree line ~ while Mother Russia gets almost dozens, well 7 or 8 or 9 cant keep up

    WG fiction paper Tanks all ok when it suits them ~ otherwise a single tech tree a Nation


        1. Fictional polish tank should be nerfed to the ground and polish comunity will still grind them. We don’t need another powercreep.


        1. Actually most of the tech tree tanks are real and existed at least as a prototype. Some lines are complete fiction, of course, like jap heavies, chinese TDs, italian paper projects etc.


    1. Mother Russia doodle a lot of tank concept during WW2 and cold war with some actually build, so at least WG got a lot material to work with.

      Other soviet/warsaw pact nation might not as lucky to even got pencil and napkin to doodle their own tank design until quite later near the end of cold war.

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