August Top of the Tree – 113




9 thoughts on “August Top of the Tree – 113

  1. I maintain that I am against a player-voted top of the tree, because the lines being voted will always be the ones in line with the meta, leaving everything else in the dust. I’d rather WG choose and pick both popular and underdog lines regardless of the meta, with an equal number of popular and underdog lines (so in a year, six popular and six underdog). AFAIK they used to do so in the past, though sometimes they did shady things here as well, I remember one year when IS-7 was top of the tree twice in the span of a few months.

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  2. Most of their polls are pose a fake “freedom of choice” facade that lists things that benefits them – see the latest “summer dream poll” with lefh and e25. “Top of the tree” usually has either new OP tanks like it was with the recent 430u, super conqueror and 268v4, or unpopular semi-forgotten tanks that people wouldn’t otherwise buy; all of these just made to sell more premium time to grind or gold for free exp to skip grind.


      1. Dont have the prem arty, but too bad not all classes are treated equal. Otherwise there would be a lot more prem arties. That seems to be, because arty doesnt know what to do with arty. They wanted to revise them but they didnt. There was a chance that they might planed to remove it, but the compensation risk would be much too high. So they play the long game and just sit it out.


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