Premium Shop: Kursk Bundles (100 gold extra per mission if you buy bundle)

T-34 shielded price is around 29€


As you’ve probably noticed by now, we’re in the middle of a celebration. Kursk, which is better known for being the largest tank battle in history, is turning 75 this year.
To remember this turning point of the Second World War, we prepared exciting missions and some sweet bundles. They all feature the amazing T-34 shielded, a variant of the iconic T-34 protected by an improved armour, which makes it even more versatile.
Take a look at these offers, which also contain styles, Gold, Personal Reserves and an opportunity to earn more gold for every Kursk mission you complete (more on that below).
Our Kursk event will give you plenty of missions to complete. But if you want to maximize your rewards, note that the packages above include a very cool bonus. Indeed, if you buy one of them, you’ll earn 100 for every Kursk mission completed!
Important: if you have already completed some Kursk missions before purchasing one of these bundles, you won’t receive gold for them retroactively. You’ll only earn 100 for the missions you complete after your purchase.

T-34 shielded compensations

Some of you may have noticed that the T-34 shielded is one of the rewards you can get while completing the Kursk Missions. So please note that the following compensations will be applied:
If you purchase one of the bundles above while already owning the T-34 shielded, you will receive  2,200 gold for the T-34 shielded and 750 gold for its style sets as compensation..
If you earn the tank after purchasing one of the bundles above, you will be receive 880,000 credits for the T-34 shielded and 300,000 credits for its style sets.

0 thoughts on “Premium Shop: Kursk Bundles (100 gold extra per mission if you buy bundle)

    1. In what universe do people “win” thanks to this bundle? Instead of investing time they invest money, basically how every freemium online game works. This bundle gives them no in game advantage at all over other players, since that t34 shielded can be obtained by everyone who plays missions and it’s not like it’s overpowered or something.

      1. 99% of players can’t complete missions for 50 consecutive days to get the actual useful reward, the camo sets; many would even struggle with doing 40 days for the premium 7 days. “The amazing T-34s” as they call it is a bad joke of a tank that will just gather rust in garage and they are deluded if they think people actually want it.

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