0 thoughts on “Battle of Kursk marathon – missions day 1

  1. Play in ANY tank from any nation
    its just more random 3-5-7 bottom tier MM
    and its NOT in Kursk or anywhere near Kursk
    only WG those brainless pencil pushing desk bound Russian ass wipes
    can think of a 50 day Summer marathon mission
    that ANY tank in ANY random map can blah blah blah
    yeah so fucking boring (again

    1. You my friend are perfectly right. They should either remove all other maps for 50 days and leave only Kursk so we can fully immerse ourselves in this historical chain of events, or make the mission be obtainable only on historical tanks, and only on Eastern front maps, so the marathon can only be completed by the most dedicated players, as only 1 in like 100 battles will count. In the meantime, why not just fk off and think of some better gameplay ideas for next year’s Kursk event eh?

  2. As far as i have unterstood the description, the mission will be the same every day. But i am not sure.

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