Excalibur Leaked Pictures

From our secret leaking source. To anyone who reposts this: please cite The Armored Patrol as the original source. Thank you!

Everything that is known so far about Excalibur is that it is a game currently developed by the US branch of Wargaming.




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  1. There was an article long time ago on FTR about the US Wargaming office working at a secret title. The head of the office was some well known game developer. Have a look and let\’s speculate. Seems like a modern warfare game. I\’m in, where do I join alpha?

    1. You mean Chris Taylor, the creator of Total Annihilation?
      This could be a strategy game in the works.

      1. Would be interesting if it\’s strategy.

        What I found so far:
        \”- WG is working on an interesting project in Seattle
        – apart from that, WG is working on two yet to be announced projects, one of which could turn into a beginning of a long story – they will be announced in 2016\” – source: Slava Makarov interview, via Rita\’s (nov 2015)

        \”We’re super excited about what we’re working on. We can’t wait to start telling people about it. The bar for games these days is really high. So it is really important that you think big and not restrict yourself but rather put the creative passion into the art! We want to create something that will give people a truly fresh, new experience. People have to be able to say to their friends “Come see this! You’ve never seen anything like it before in your life! It’s mind-blowing!” That’s where we’ve put the bar.\” – source: Chris Taylor interview at gamescom in Aug 2014

        \”Chris Taylor is still working on a “supersecret project”\” – source: Interview with Evilly via FTR (Mar 2014)

        \”Chris Taylor mentions something interesting: Wargaming is (apart from the World of…) series working on a secret project – a game, that will possibly be the biggest game project in history (his own words)\” – source: Wargaming video, via FTR in Aug 2013

        \”insinuate that it\’s a PC game\” – source: Chris Taylor interview back in Mar 2013

        More … in Seb\’s next article 😉

  2. Hmm…I wonder what kind of game engine will they use?Hopefully something better than the BigWorldEngine .

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