Supertest: New Grand Battles Map

We’re happy to share that we’re making progress on a new Soviet-setting Grand Battles map, earlier tested as past of a couple of variants featuring very different gameplay layouts. Based on the feedback received on both prototypes, today we’re sending the updated version to Supertest.

The new version of the Soviet-setting Grand Battles map combines open spaces with city blocks within 1800m×1800m (1400m×1400m by the red line). While working on it, we were keen on adding more interaction between different attack routes. Advancing on either of the flanks and securing a key spot will give you multiple options for continuing your assault and for supporting your allies in other parts of the map, thanks to all routes being interconnected in such a way.

The map has 5 combat zones

  1. The western bypass: A large open space split into several parts by the river. This zone fits ambushing snipers, but the river banks can cover assault vehicles from enemy fire.
  2. The city blocks: This place favors well armored vehicles and close quarters fighting. It offers lots of (out-)maneuvering options and a shortcut to the enemy base.
  3. The central hill: Tanks with good gun depression can use this are to their benefit and also help their buddies nearby. At the start of the battle, light tanks may catch a glimpse at where the opponents are headed.
  4. The “Bottleneck”: This isolated part of the map suits heavily armored tanks. It may be used for flanking the city blocks zone (2) and helping allies.
  5. The village in the east: Fast vehicles can hide behind several destructible houses. Hit-and-run tactics may be employed. Taking this spot gives you a nice view of the hill (3) and a certain power over what’s happening there.

During this testing stage, we plan on checking the balance of the entire map and on every separate attack route. We’ll also assess how well the neighboring assault directions are working together. Depending on the results, we’ll decide what happens to this prototype.

15 thoughts on “Supertest: New Grand Battles Map

  1. Does anyone even play this shit game mode? I played one game and then disabled it.

    1. the problem is, when u activate it, u wont get it, if u want or need it, and when u dont want or need it, u get it, so its disabled

      1. The only peopel who would want to play this game mode are snipre shitters or arty fags.

  2. We need these big maps but not 30v30. maybe 20v20 or even 15v15 would be great on those maps.

  3. Oh look, a new map for the game mode that I won’t enable as long as Klondike is still in.

  4. I am not impressed.

    30v30 on those larger maps makes it not much different to the normal 15v15 on smaller maps. In order to make is special it should be 20v20 or even 15v15. THIS would make this mode special. Imagine a battle scenario in which you dont know where the enemy comes from. There are no known and predefined “meeting points” anymore. Finally, true SCOUTING becomes necessary. Arty would need to move along the main force in order to be save from ambush. Rear guards would need to be detached etc etc.etc. …

    1. sounds amazing, but probably works best in clan wars, not random battles where u got retarded teama mates >:)))))

  5. 15v15 on 1km² or 30v30 on 2km² makes no diffrences, only that you got more guns pinpointed on you, when your spotted.
    a 20v20 for those 2km² maps should be best.
    But WG trys hard, to screw all good players out of this mode, only braindeads, who got no plan are still playing this mode, because them maybe dont know, how to delete the hook for it

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