Object 279 Pictures

Source: wot.express


14 thoughts on “Object 279 Pictures

    1. if you notice that the hull is a lot similar to the Grille 15 (open image and zoom in for better view) you can sort of think it is one of the many other Waffentragger design proposals based on the Panther, I would say that because in the back there’s metal that hides the base of the gun-shield while the ingame Grille 15 has it visible
      it is a smart move since there were tons of proposals to turn the Panther in a gun platform, from 12,8cm cannons to 15cm howitzers, among others

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    1. omg someone remembers that monster 😀

      Back when I knew shit about tanks and the Shagohod looked so… imposing, especially fighting it.


  1. I was always interested in the Obj.279 as soon as I learned about it, I realized it would be OP in WoT but not long ago someone did mention the MBT-70 in a Q&A and so it could potentially be the candidate to counter it, however I cannot see it as a realistic option if they don’t add new tiers, but WHEN the Obj.279 gets added they NO LONGER CAN CLAIM the T58 would be too OP, I mean, they have already introduced the T57 that is significantly different from it’s RL counterpart (has much less ammo in the drum than it did IRL) and so there’s no way I would believe they couldn’t balance the T58 into the game, it was afterall a Tier 9 M103 with the T30’s (Tier 9) gun at Tier 10, it just fired “slightly” faster


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