Jordanian Royal Tank Museum inauguration


11 thoughts on “Jordanian Royal Tank Museum inauguration

    1. there’s no surprise there, afterall WG has revealed in the past that the King of Jordan has an WoT account (in 2012)

      «”Here’s our business secret,” Kislyi said. “We say ‘Don’t try to squeeze the unsqueezable.’ This is a people’s game, although the King of Jordan plays World of Tanks. This is a game for the masses. What we discovered for this audience is that if you try with your monetization tricks, with special events, sales, you can get more money out of a paying user»

      many things happened from then on that made that first line lose all meaning


  1. Jordan or not, this is the best tank museum in the world, all indoors and beautiful expo, didn’t expect half this much. Too bad it’s in an arab country with questionable stability and security.


  2. By the way, arabs used quite a lot of tanks, with questionable degree of success, admitted, but they have tank history many European countries might envy. None of the tanks manufactured locally, safe to say.

    So if WG, that have a foot in the door of the museum, suddenly spring arab tank tree, it will be easy copy-past reskin jobs. Like the dude said about latest KV2 clone – “It’s a new tank!”.


  3. Agreed. I think that “nice guys” is a relative term, on the whole crazy Middle East map, Jordan under the current king seems nice. Hawaii also seemed nice until recently.


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