WoWS: Free Premium Ship: Tachibana Lima Mission (EU/NA)

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Fancy a free Premium ship? Click the “Accept Mission” button to kick off the mission to get  II Tachibana Lima!

EU link:Accept Mission

NA link: Accept Mission

If you’re an active player of World of Warships, complete the mission below to get   II Tachibana Lima, 1 Port slot and a  Commander with 6 skill points.

Already got her in your collection? Then you will automatically receive 142,500. If you’re short on Credits you can always scrap and sell her for the same amount.

Fast Facts –   II Tachibana Lima (She is the same as   II Tachibana but rarer and prettier!)
Strengths: Torpedoes, Agility, Gun Fire Rate
Weaknesses: HP, Top Speed, Gun Range/Damage
Historical Role: The Sakura-class destroyers were considered to be Japan’s most advanced destroyers at the onset of World War I

Fight for the Tachibana

Mission Starts: Wed. May 23 07:00 CET (UTC+1) / your local time: Wed. May 23 08:00
Mission Ends: Mon. Jun. 04 07:00 CET (UTC+1) / your local time: Mon. Jun. 04 08:00

This mission can be completed with ships of Tiers V and above in Random and Ranked Battles.

Over any number of battles:
Win 15 battles
Victories do not need to be consecutive


  II Tachibana Lima

1 Port Slot

 Commander with 6 skill points

Not played World of Warships for more than 2 months? Simply login to get   II Tachibana Lima and a few other goodies as a special welcome back gift!

Inactive accounts need to have played at least 10 battles to receive the ship automatically.

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  1. For once, a mission for a tier 2 trashbote that isn’t overly complicated and grindy.

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