Supertest: Excalibur (Initial Stats)

From the forums.

A new vehicle is entering Supertest today—the Excalibur, a Tier VI British tank destroyer. Its layout isn’t typical for Blighty: it has a forward-placed turret with only 180 degrees of traverse.
Though bulky, the Excalibur has good mobility: thanks to its specific power of 18 hp per ton of weight, it can do 50 km/h. It also has outstanding gun depression: -10°/+20°.
During the first Supertest, we plan to choose an armament for this TD and thus define its combat role, so we’ll try two guns.
•A fast shooting 76mm gun that leans towards DPM-based play. It has great aiming parameters and a penetration of 165mm with a basic round. Due to the relatively low alpha damage of this gun, an Excalibur using it will be best suited for providing support fire from a safe distance.
•A 120mm cannon that fires high-explosive shells and aims well (compared to other guns of this type). 450 points of alpha damage and 70mm of armourpenetration will allow it to quickly dispose of more weakly armoured foes.

We’ll pick one of these guns depending on Supertest results. Please follow the news—and may luck be on your side!

41 thoughts on “Supertest: Excalibur (Initial Stats)

    1. true, it seems to be a post war design , almost seems like an attempt to make a armed APC for infantry support, the 120mm DERP could hint into that idea

      1. FV300-chassis, if I am not entirely mistaken. Technically post-war, as the project started in 1947, but it’s still very much a child of WWII. There was also an APC-variant of the FV300-chassis.

        1. I said post-war because the chassis look a bit like the tanks produced after the war, like Centurion, Conqueror or the FV100 series (like Scorpion, etc) but I agree that it looks more like the FV300, like Bert and stuff
          by looking alike I mean how they all have those big roadwheels closely aligned together, + how they all have mudguards

          it seems that it was identified on the forums as the AV-R (AV R), standing for «Armoured Vehicle, Reconnaissance» from 1960

  1. according to the guy who dug it up from the archives, we can expect more coming out in a near future (he did not specify if more TD’s or simply more unusual and unknown designs), still it’s impressve how this thing will get into the game first than the British LT line or the Chieftain line, especially the Chieftain because it’s already modelled but also the LT’s since you can find 4 or 5 different proposals in the forum alone
    those proposals are not entirely different, some tanks are common while others only appear together in one of the proposals (some include the Scimicitar or Scorpion while others stick to projects and concepts, ec…), there’s also differences in proposed tiering, among other things

  2. lol, looks like a FV304 TD. Tho seems like a nerfed 17 pdr, or a buffed QQ77 gun. More dpm then the AT-8. But still. But if it’s mobile, fairly small and has a derp. I might be a good laugh.

  3. Adding that idiotic 120mm gun is the single worst thing they could do.

    1. So it is going in is what you are saying? This is WG after all.

    1. The 450 alpha comes with a 70 penetration, which means it is an howitzer. Would you say M4 on a 105mm is overpowered as hell?

      1. You do realize it will also get a prem round with either HEAT characteristics or super HE with 600 alpha. you also might have noticed that the Derp 105 Shermans and Panzer IV are quite popular and powerful, now you get a tank that does it hypothetically even better. Maybe than you will also realize why this is probably not such a good idea….

  4. To bad I don’t collect for this game anymore, should have came out years ago with this.

  5. “We’ll pick one of these guns depending on Supertest results.”

    Give it both, let the player decide which variant he wants to play.

  6. I’m honestly surprised WG didn’t follow their previous philosophy of overbuffing the shit out of it to sell it for max profit as a tier 8

  7. Monty Python and the Holy Grail called. They want their Holy Grenade back

  8. It is so damn fuckin ugly. Bloody hell! I hope it gets the fast firing gun.

  9. How to built a British tank that is not for real life:
    1) Is it weird and possibly Fugly
    2) Is it not practical
    3) Were the designers making it during a time without tea
    4) Does it stands from the crowd that WG ignore all other sensible options

  10. It needs the derp gun with a HEAT option for tier 8 battles, otherwise there’s no reason to play this over an Achilles or Hellcat. We need another box on tracks whizzing about the place and annoying everyone since Bert was nerfed.


  11. Why not just make the two guns available and let the players choose, especially if it isn’t going to be a premium ? (it’s nowhere mentionned it will become a premium, so…)

  12. But the VK2801 can’t have a 10,5cm DERP because that would be overpowered……..

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