8 thoughts on “K-91 & Obj. 277 EXP

    1. Nope, still you will need chinese heavies for HEATing superheavies like Type 5

      1. You do realize that 350 pen APCR is better than 340 pen HEAT in almost literally every way, right?

  1. what else is new, more overpowered russian tanks.

    Russia has the best meds, the best TDs, and the best light tanks, it may as well have the best heavies too, right?

    268 V4 is the best t10 TD, 430U best t10 med, t100 best tier 10 light.

    They’ll probably buff the Is4 so its incredibly OP too.

    the is7 buffs werent even necessary.

    1. 430U isn’t even really a medium tank. M48, 140, and 907 are the best tier 10 medium tanks, honestly, and the M48 is also basically a heavy tank.

  2. I noticed last night that I am missing about 40k XP on my T10. I was at about 180k on it and now it is saying it has 141k.

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