7 thoughts on “Supertest: Ruinberg Changes Video

  1. I didn’t think it was possible to make this map worse after the last changes but they did manage it seems. We *DON’T* need more open flat killing fields on important flanks for mediums/lights.

    1. It’s much better now since it gives south shots to the middle, which is fantastic.

      1. The south has no cover anymore and the north is still favored due to their shorter travel distance to the central road.

        The south advance will thus be caught right out in the open, in this new empty flat killing field, which is already somewhat the case in it’s current form.

        So no it’s not much better.

  2. Ruinberg always was a shit map, like all the City brawling Maps in WOT,
    the South spawn always had a advantage (with a bright switched on team) the north was always playing catch up but rarely did due to the shit overall map design

    The new changes as always do fuck-all nothing to solve any shit map problems here (again

    – in fact you have to admire WG for the effortless way that it continues to improve lol? but actual fuck up there maps every time they ‘fix it’

    WG are experts with fucking up by improving there maps
    gotta admire there incompetence

    but id does prove and strongly ~ that they don’t play there own game

  3. Why remove buildings and make a open field? Why wants to move in a open field when there are bushwankers behind sniping? Lol, we need more urban terrain not shit open maps like proko and malinkova.

    1. There is nothing wrong with ‘open terrain’, see Redshire as main. Open terrain, but not a flat as a pancake.

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